Thursday, January 19, 2012

Isocracy: Gilman St. Demos (1987)

Isocracy brought the bratty sense of punk humour that was a crucial part of the East Bay scene that Lookout Records (more HERE) documented. Not only were their shows full of trash-tossing hi-jinks but they kept their sense of humour on vinyl with out coming off as goofy (NTTAWWT). The part in the Minor Threat-ish "Amilyplympt Three" where singer Jason Beebout (later of Samiam) berates the band, including early Green Day drummer Al Sobrante, for their forgetfulness cracks me up every time.

"You fuckers left out part of the fucking song
I knew that song was longer
and you guys suck balls"

So here's the band's early demo recorded at the very Gilman St.venue where they were "the house band", according to Lookout's head honcho, Lawrence Livermore.

Image courtesy of Hardcore Show Flyers

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  2. I have Eight on my mp3 player :)

    Hey, a long time ago you posted a comp. called "Super Secret Songs". Any chance of uploading it again?

  3. Thanks! I don't listen to Lookout bands anymore, but these Demos are a nice look back. Cheers

  4. thanks for the tracks


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