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Tilt: Self-Titled 7" (1992)

During their almost-decade long lifespan, nineties pop-punks Tilt never hit it big. They never seemed to escape their reputation as a second-string band Lookout Records (see HERE) band (even when they emigrated to Fat Wreck-Chords early on). Their lack of strong success is wholly unfair considering the quality of the band's work, though it's interesting to note that their strongest asset may have also been their Achilles Heel.

Back in the seventies, Blondie had to make buttons saying, 'Blondie is a Band' due to the overpowering presence of frontwoman, Deborah Harry. Tilt could have had similar problems due to the strength of presence of leader, Cinder Block. Block's hooky melodies, distinctive lyrics and forceful vocal style sometimes made it seem like she was the 50 Foot Woman and everyone else was the motorists below. Of course, that view overlooks the fine noise Jeffrey Bischoff alongside bassist Pete Rypins and drummer Vince Camacho created. In fact, Bischoff and Rypins wrote Tilt's music because, like Blondie, Tilt were a band. However, Block being such a towering figure did bring out some ugliness familiar to women who choose to stand out. More on that tomorrow...

A1         Addiction     2:10    
A2         Redemption     2:12    
B1         One Day     2:20    
B2         Locust       2:20

What do you think of Tilt and Cinder Block? Let us know in the COMMENTS section. (where you'll find the S/T 7" link).

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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?te9a1r91wha4a2i

  2. Extremely underrated band. One of the best shows I ever saw was them on the Warped tour playing inside tractor trailer.

  3. I forgot how stylistically like the Gits they were! Oddly overwrought lyrics though - like teenage poetry.

    What I do remember is only liking this first 7" (cliché, I know). Later records not so much. I'm really glad to hear it again.

  4. I had the great fortune to see Tilt during 1993 at a place in the Bay Area called Your Place Too. It was a small dive bar and Tilt absolutely killed that night. I am not sure if it was the size of the room, their sound, or the free flowing beer but I remember being just absolutely entertained all night.
    In hindsight, they may seem a lot like the Gits but I would argue that if viewed within the context of 1990s punk/hc they remained relatively unique and exciting.
    Still one of my favorites from back them. Fun music paired with a good singer and delivered with energy and honestly...what the hell else can you expect? Nada, cabrones!

    1. They do remind me of the Gits but with no blues influence and that weird poetry...

  5. Love love love Tilt...Cinder has an amazing voice...why they never got big is suck a tragedy

  6. the first time i heard This Is My Fist, i could have SWORN it was Cinder singing. to this day, i can't help but hear it and imagine that it's her.

    thanks for this.

    1. TIMF sound cool - just checking them out now.

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  8. jesus...I can't type. I thought they were a great live band, but didn't come off well on record.

    1. I though the band had virtues live and studio.

  9. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2413950714067&set=a.2413950474061.2116627.1410273633&type=3&theater
    Saw Tilt many times, always good! The link above (if it works) was one of my favorite shows ever! I still have this 7" was just listening to Tilt the other day, awesome band!

  10. We'll have lie Tilt coming up soon for you, PotW.

  11. I really appreciate your praise of my former band. However, you should get your facts straight on who did what when it comes to the songwriting: Cinder primarily wrote lyrics and most of the vocal melodies. The music written by myself and Jeffrey. There were also a few songs that I wrote in entirety.

    1. I never fear correction.

      I had originally gone to 'AllMusic' for the credits.


      However, in light of your comment, I will gladly do a revision.

      I'm glad you enjoyed some of the write up anyway.

  12. Thank you. AllMusic has been notoriously incorrect since its inception!

    If you are interested in bands with female singers, please check out my current band, The Tantrums:

    If you provide a mailing address to TantrumsCA@aol.com, I can send you some vinyl and our latest recordings.

    Thanks again for the Tilt feature.


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