Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mr. T Experience: Live at the Fireside Bowl (2000)

I'll readily admit that the Miricale of Shame-Alcatraz era of The Mr, T Experience (more HERE) is my least favourite era of the band's existence but in a live setting the band still kicked out the jams in that cerebral and self-depreciating way they had. I saw them on the Alcatraz tour and the crowd was smaller and less appreciative than the ones who'd turned  for the Love is Dead tour five years previously. Of course the times had changed. By then Lookout Records and much of the pop-punk scene it had fostered was in decline as were album sales in general That whole late-90's, early-2000's seemed like a bleak time to be an independent band. In defiance of that negative spirit, here's a kickin' MTX show from 2000, which nicely samples from their entire catalog.

1. MTX – Semi-OK (2:40)
2. MTX – I Wrote A Book About Rock and Roll
3. MTX – She’s Coming Over Tonight (3:51)
4. MTX – What’s In the Cuckoo Clock? (2:39)
5. MTX – I’m Like Yeah, But She’s All No (2:35)
6. MTX – New Girlfriend (1:55)
7. MTX – Tapin’ Up My Heart (3:04)
8. MTX – Naomi (3:32)
9. MTX – Danny Partridge (3:49)
10. MTX – Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend (3:04)
11. MTX – With My Looks and Your Brains (3:13)
12. MTX – Mr. Ramones (1:49)
13. MTX – Stephanies (2:48)
14. MTX – Sackcloth And Ashes (2:48)
15. MTX – Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba (2:52)
16. MTX – Talking (2:01)
17. MTX – Crash (2:01)
18. MTX – She’s My Alcatraz (3:16)
19. MTX – You’re The Only One (3:02)
20. MTX – I Fell For You (2:41)
21. MTX – More Than Toast (2:59)
22. MTX – Dumb Little Band (2:39)

Let us know what you think of MTX circa 2000 in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Fireside Bowl link).

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  2. thanks for all the great music.

  3. MTX's back to back releases Love Is Dead and Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You are 2 of my favorite pop punk CDs ever. Thanks for posting the live MTX.

  4. awesome. thanks for posting all this MTX.


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