Friday, January 13, 2012

The Payola$: Jukebox 7" (1981)

The final Payola$ (more HERE) single from the vastly underrated debut album, In a Place Like This.

A         Juke Box        
B         TNT

While a recent re-formation EP and a slim Best-Of CD are available, the Payola$ albums have NEVER been re-issued on CD or digitally.

  • All Payola$ rips and scans generously provided by ace archivist BristolBoy from My Life's A Jigsaw, who deserves a word of thanks!

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  2. The first two Payola$ albums are of an era when I was transitioning from college radio to commercial radio. It was the summer of 1984 and I was an overnight DJ on WGLU Johnstown, PA. They took a few more chances on album rock than the bigger stations in Pittsburgh and one of the cuts I was thrilled to play was "Eyes of a Stranger". I thought that was going to be big, but it never seems to gain popularity. It is still a fave with me!

    1. EoaS is a great eighties Police-ish pop tune

  3. Yep, good stuff from the Payola$. Thanks for posting all these singles.

  4. The Payolas up to In A Place Like This were a fantastic band, right at home on I.R.S. Records. After that, at least for me, yikes.

    Every time I think of the Payolas, The Humans come to mind.

    "Juke Box" would have become an acknowledged classic if were on Stiff Records.


    1. Yeah the band sure changed after IAPLT. I still like the pop stuff but it's like a different band.


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