Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Message Brought to You by the EFF

As a music blogger, I'm concerned by the over-reach of the American bills, PIPA and SOPA. The DMCA has already affected all of us, American or not, and the likelihood of sites being blocked even for displaying links to possible copyright infringement ought to worry the world.

Regardless of your view on all of this, consider reading the always well-informed Electronic Frontier Foundation's take on the issue.


  1. I've been writing my Senator and Congresswomen this morning and sending out petitions to everyone in my address book. Thanks for the link to the EFF article, And thank you for supporting the black out ! I read a few hours ago two of the top sponsors of the bills are backing off =)

  2. Kick ass, Rev Bum
    Elect Obama and then keep his feet to the fire!


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