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The Mr. T Experience: Songs About Girls (Live,1995)

Compared to most of their label mates, Berkley's The Mr. T Experience were well-established when they joined Lookout Records (more HERE). After all, the band's first Lookout LP, 1990's Making Things With Light LP, was preceded by their 1986 debut LP, Everybody's Entitled to Their Own Opinion and it's collage radio sorta-hit "Danny Partridge" and their sophomore album, Night Shift at the Thrill Factory came out on Rough Trade and was produced by Kent Steedman of the then-hip Celibate Rifles.

The Mr. T Experience (see HERE), their leader, Dr. Frank (see HERE) would go on to be the most loyal of Lookout bands, releasing an album there as late as 2004 [!] and never taking back their masters as so many of the original bands (Green Day, Op Ivy Screching Weasel, The Queers, Avail etc) did. Of course, Dr Frank (Portman) made a career switch in the mid-aughts as the music industry was bottoming out, which might help explain his inattention to his back catalog.

The move to Lookout probably worked in the MTX's favour since by 1995, when pop-punk was all the rage, the band's popularity rose. (I may be fact-checked on this but I saw the band three times in the 90's and the biggest crowd. most enthusiastic crowd was definitely on the "Love is Dead" tour). So in celebration of the MTX of 1995 here's a great-sounding live recording (a radio session for KZSU's series Wednesday Night Live to be more precise) from their 2nd (third?) peak.

1. Wednesday Night Live Theme (1:07)
2. Swallow Everything (3:11)
3. Last Time I Listened To You/Love American Style (5:33)
4. Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba/My Stupid Life (5:34)
5. Alternative Is Here To Stay (2:32)
6. More Than Toast (4:26)
7. New Girlfriend (1:50)
8. She's No Rocket Scientist (2:23)
9. Checkers Speech (2:07)
10. Hello Kitty Menendez (1:59)
11. Sonic Reducer (2:14)
12. Time To Change/Velveeta (6:42)
13. Itching Powder In The Sleeping Bags (2:57)
14. Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend (2:42)
15. Interview (6:41)
16. I Believe In You (3:17)

Let us know what you think the best era of The Mr. T Experience is in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find the  Songs About Girls link)

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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xfpkruqpb8g15ne

  2. Yeah, I really should have gone to one of those mid-90's shows. Drat.


  3. thanks for posting

  4. I saw the MTX a number of times in the mid-90's. I got to interview Dr. Frank and Jym once--they were really fun guys to talk with. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Thanks for this! I guess I should get around to transfering a couple of those Wellington's shows I recorded in the 90's. Nice post!

    1. Please, please, please do it!
      Having a copy of that Welliongton's show would be awesome.

  6. ..I've played with my band 'Chromosomes' before MTX in the gig on that video in Genova, Italy !!

  7. Thanks for this awesome post. I don't know why, but lately I've been thinking a lot about those glory days of MTX playing even in Europe (I live in the Netherlands). Great band, great lyrics, and I'm sad they aren't around anymore. Kind regards from the Netherlands! -Arjan


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