Sunday, August 5, 2012

Channel 3: How Do You Open the Damn Thing? (1994)

So Channel 3 (more HERE) kicked Winnipeg's collective ass two nights in a fuckin' row. For those stubborn enough to get shit-kicked twice, the bar show at The Zoo on Friday and the all-ages show at the Punk Douglas Club on Saturday featured two pretty different sets. The first show was in singer Mike Magrann's words "the 'Vegas set" and the second the more raging full-on set. Friday's set varied the pace a bit - hell they started out with the mid-tempo "Indian Summer" and encored with "One More Time For All My True Friends" (thanks, Mike). The booze-friendly set also included a hell of a lot of stage banter - "Once the hair got bigger and the cowboy boots got taller, we started getting more pussy than Frank Sinatra" Magrann quipped before playing their hair-metal track, "Last Time I Drank".

Saturday's set started out like a beach-storming firefight but moved in some surprising directions including the band's heart-felt cover of The Nils "Scratches and Needles", a surprising decision to play "Airborne" a song they hadn't played in years (watching each member of the band gradually, grudgingly agree to play along was priceless!) and a gender-bender take on "You Make Me Fee Cheap". I'm gonna give the Saturday show the edge but you needed both to see just how much this endlessly self-deprecating band is capable of.

This long-out-of-print live album How Do You Open the Damn Thing? has a set list not unlike what we Winnipeggers with a brain in our head saw this weekend. Enjoy and if you get a chance go see the damn band!

  1.     Separate Peace
  2.     You Make Me Feel Cheap
  3.     Out of Control
  4.     Wet Spots
  5.     You Lie / Mannequin
  6.     Indian Summer
  7.     Last Time I Drank
  8.     No Love
  9.     I Didn't Know
  10.     Waiting In the Wings
  11.     I Wanna Know Why
  12.     Nothing Like This
  13.     Catholic Boy
  14.     I Got a Gun
  15.     Manzanar  

 Alright MRML readers, whadaya make of the long-running phenomenon that is CH 3? Let us know in the COMMENTS section!

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  1. CH 3?

  2. Well, Ive never heard of the band and after that writeup I need to have a listen.

    1. Hey always happy when the write-up gets someone to give something a try!

  3. I'm having trouble loading any rapidshare pages - they just come up as white screens in IE and Firefox. Is it just me?

    1. Worked for me, maybe try clearing your cache?

  4. Hey Jeff--a pleasure to finally meet ya! Thanks again for all the thoughtful support you've given us, hope to see you when we play Winnipeg again in 2042!! Cheers-MikeM

    1. It was a blast form beginning to end -thanks!
      Looking forward to that big show in 2042 but - hopefully I'll be able to pass some of the time reading your Winnipeg blog post and the inevitable pictures of that Salisbury Steak!


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