Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steve Earle: Early Tracks (1987)

Here's a collection of early eighties rockabilly-styled material Steve Earle (more HERE) recorded for Epic Records, which the label only released after Earle's success with Guitar Town. The songs were recorded between 1982 and 1985; and includes all the tracks from from 1982's Pink and Black EP. It's a fun collection, which shows Earle the song-writer chafing at the inherent limits of the genre he's been placed into. That said, we get to here an early version of one's Earle's most vivid story-songs, "The Devil's Right Hand". 

1         Nothin' But You        
2         If You Need A Fool        
3         Continental Trailway Blues        
4         Open Up Your Door        
5         Breakdown Lane        
6         Squeeze Me In
7         Annie, Is Tonight The Night        
8         My Baby Worships Me        
9         Cadillac        
10         Devil's Right Hand        
11         What'll You Do About Me?        
12         Cry Myself To Sleep        
13         A Little Bit In Love        
14         The Crush
(The last four tracks are from Epic singles by the 1997 CD reissue from Koch)

Hey Earle fans, what do you think of his rockabilly material?
I've got the rarities, if you've got the COMMENTS!

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  1. Y'know the best Earle rarities are still hidden in the vault.
    If you wanna know more, leave a COMMENT here!

  2. Love Steve Earle... this album is a mix of gems & generic... He hadn't really found his voice, still in the Nashville Tunesmith for Hire mode... interested to hear the bonus singles

    1. I almost think he was hiding his voice,lest Nashville see how dark his talent was.

  3. bravo! more steve earle!

  4. I agree - you've totally gotten me into Steve Earle, and one of the commenters into transcendental blues

    1. It's always an honour to bring someone over to the Steve side - enjoy the riches!

  5. I had this when it came out. Been so long...I hope it sounds better now! Thanks for posting!

    1. It DOES sound better now, doesn't it?

  6. cool. great to hear this music. Steve has been through so many changes..

  7. When my boots hit the boards I'm a brand new man. Earle changed my life in 1995.


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