Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Helen Love: Joey Ramoney 7" (1993)

A HUGE batch of Helen Love singles (rips n' scans) were donated by the amazing Bristolboy from the world-rocking blog, My Life's A Jigsaw.

Helen Love's fusion of bubblegum, punk, disco with the whole c86 fast, cute n' cheap aesthetic is by turns obsessive, twee and utterly wonderful. Her love of the Ramones (and Joey in particular) comes across in her brash tempos and her sticky chorsues but the funhouse sound she creates is strictly one-of-a-kind.

This single, "Joey Ramoney" b/w/ "Your Biggest Fan", is one of Love's earliest releases and establishes the mad depths of her fandom (her lyrics read like letters to Creem Magazine circa 1979) but also demonstrates her capacity for breeding more virulent earworms than Khan Noonien Singh.

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  1. Hey if you like this series you gotta let us know!
    There's a lot of Love left to give!

    1. Do you know Amy Rigby’s "Dancing With Joey Ramone » ?

    2. ohh Amy great tune, actually bought it from the lady herself -

  2. Always enjoyed hearing these records when Peel or whoever played them, but never actually bought any of them. So keep 'em coming, Jeff, this could be a fun and interesting diversion.

  3. Thanks Jeffen infectious!

  4. Very cool! Never heard of her before 2:23 (or so) ago!

  5. Helen Love ... cool.
    Amy Rigby ... cooler.

  6. Hey glad you're digging this new series - if you want to hear more leave a little word on each post so I know I haven't lost my readers amidst the twee!

    P.S. Amy and Helen are each cool in very different ways but you can bet that the Dahlmans love them both!


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