Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Week's Purchases (08/06/2012)

The CH 3 shirt was bought at the show for a mere $12.00. I'm not big on rock shirts but I was planning on getting something and it's a pretty cool number. (Speaking of which at The Zoo show it was amusing how every old guy tried to pull out his 'unassailably cool rock T-shirt" - Jesus Lizard. D.O.A., Ramones, Cro-Mags et al).

Steve Earle's I Feel Alright was purchased alongside Weddings. Parties, Anything's The Big Don't Argue, The  Men They Couldn't Hang's Silver Town, Three O-'Clock Train's Anthology (coming soon!) and  John Wesley Harding's Why We Fight for $20.00 at Entertainment Exchanges under their 'buy four - get one free' deal (thanks, Chris!)

Uncle Tupelo's No Depression and Steve Earle's Sideways were whisked out of Music Trader's used bin for about $8.00 apiece, while the the two TV Smith albums (Last Words of the Great Explorer and Channel 5) were taken out of the 'new punk section for a reasonably $18.00 a piece. (That whole deal cost me only a few dollars cash of course, thanks to my vinyl trade!)

 And to close off here's a shot of CH 3 rocking the Punk Douglas Club!

(And you wonder why I don't have a Tumblr for my photography!)

Did you buy anything this week?
Let us know in the COMMENTS Section - let us know what sort of CD's/LP's/MP3's etc you're buying to support the artists you love!!


  1. Since last time, I purchased the new Gaslight Anthem (forgetable) as well as (legal) downloads of Lee Rocker's Covers ep and Black Cat Bone, and three single song downloads, two of which have been on my iTunes wishlist for months- Mud's "Tiger Feet" (never heard before the Olympic opening ceremony), Arrows' "I Love Rock and Roll" and Hello's "New York Groove." The immediacy of iTunes gets me into trouble!

  2. My kids love 'Tiger Feet'. I'd never heard it till I was putting a glam/bubblegum compilation a number of years back.
    I do have to listen to the new GA more but I'm worried I won't like it either.

  3. Hey Jeffen

    Latest purchases:
    -Vijay Iver 'Accelerando'
    -Alfa 9 'Then We Begin'
    -The Fallen Angels 'In Loving Memory/Wheel Of Fortune'
    -Slim Sandy 'New Way Rockin' LP


    1. All new names to me. Feel free to add links, if you'd like, all the easier to check out this stuff!

  4. After spending a little to much time in my hold pile (sorry Folkstore Andy) I finally picked up the dB's very excellent new album.

    I also ordered Remembering Never's "God Save Us" for $0.01 on Amazon - here's hoping it doesn't disappoint!

    Next up (if all goes as planned - which it never does): the new Redd Kross and Ion Dissonance's "Cursed".


    1. Yup that Redd Kross is gonna be a Must-Buy for everyone.

  5. I bought a copy of that Men They Couldn't Hang album for $1 when my dad managed a CD Warehouse in 1996. I haven't listened to it in 15 years. I'm going to go dig it out right now.

  6. It's really goo though not as good as the first one.


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