Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Did You Buy This Week? (08/26/12)

Programming Note: While these "whad'ya buy?" posts (more HERE) will not be done EVERY week, I have really appreciated your feedback. So, please continue to tell us what music YOU paid for recently in the comments section!

Graham Parker (more HERE): Squeezing out Sparks (w/ Live Sparks) Arista, re-issue, 1996 - $9.99 at The Folk Festival Music Store. The Parker back catalog is a MESS but I was ready to replace my bonus-free version with this at that price (though unfortunately it skips on track 20!)

The Capitalist Kids (more HERE): Too Big To Fail, Grackle Records, 2010 - $13.99 at War On Music. Sixrteen shining minutes! If you crossed The Onion with the Lookout Records catalog circa 1993, you'd not only be a lucky bastard and you'd also get The Capitalist Kids.

Raging Slab - S/T free and still too expensive (it is as bad as I thought it would be when the ads for it were ubiquitous).


The B-52's: Time Capsule, Reprise, 1996 - $1.99 at my local thrift store. A fine new wave band and I like the singles a lot (plus it's a great 'glove box album' which you'll know what I mean if you have a wife, kids and a car!)

The Clash: (more HERE) The Singles, Sony, 1991 - $1.99 at my local thrift store. Yup my Clashophillia has gotten so bad that for a buck or two I'm willing to buy things just to fill out the collection. Sad.

Photo of the Week: 
Someone defaced the ever-present Big Sister-like picture of Shelly Glover, my local Conservative Party Member of Parliament, in a most curious way.

So, please tell us what music you've bought recently in the COMMENTS section (and fell free to leave a link, if you're so inclined).


  1. Hey Jeffen

    1.'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush'(1968) DVD ... this dates me again ... luved Judy Geeson ... music by Spencer Davis Group.

    2.Emilie Proulx
    -eps via bandcamp d/l
    -'Le Lenteur Alentour' CD

    3.Shindig! Magazine Back Issue 'Psychotic Reaction:Garage Rock Special'.


    1. That Shindig looks more like a book - and I bet it's amazing!
      As for the Emilie Proulx, I'm listening to it right now (it's 7 AM) and it sounds really nice.

  2. Replies
    1. God, do you remember however underground magazine had the ads for that record? Truth in in packaging though, they sound exactly like they look!

  3. Picked up Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion CD for a buck at a garage sale. Wanted to buy more but didn't have enough cash with me. :(

    1. Man the drop in the value of CD's has really distorted my purchases! I mean with things so cheap I buy a lot of things I would never have considered even five years ago.

  4. I'm loving Contortions "Buy" - an album I had thought I'd never get into. I guess having some Last Exit and Painkiller means I'm not as immune to skronk as I thought I was...

    War On Music provided me with some solid roots-tinged stoner rock (Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound's "Manzanita") standard issue stoner rock (Kadavar's self titled debut), a-little-to-hipster-for-my-tastes stoner rock (The Shrine's "Primitive Blast") and the first couple of Neuraxis albums for the always palatable price of free. Can't wait for my order of Car Bomb's "w^w^^w^w" to come in!

    Last but not least, I used up some trade credit and spent a little cash at Music Trader on a couple of pinko-friendly discs: the awesome "Voodoo Economics & Other American Tragedies" by The Proletariat and the disappointing-on-first-listen "Little Red Record" by Matching Mole.

    I'm still on budget, honest!


    1. You avant-garde, socialist metalhead!
      Seriously, that's some fine purchasing and interestingly both the Contortions and The Proletariat were things I just expected you to like!
      While I've never listened to Matching Mole the write-up on them in Trouser Press always made for good reading.

  5. I picked up a cheap copy of Chris Butler's "I Feel A Bit Normal Today" online, but it hasn't arrived yet so I can't tell you what I think of it... Other than that I just picked up a couple of Buzzcocks CD Singles which I'd only ever bought on vinyl when they originally came out (the "Alive Tonight" EP and "Libertine Angel").

  6. I'd never head 'Libertine Angel' before right now. I'd heard the TTT album but I guess this song was a stand-alone single. Good track!

  7. I remember when Raging Slab were a total 'hype' band, back when the big thing (for about 6 months) was 'scum rock' -- bands like Letch Patrol and White Zombie, mostly Lower East Side bands where the 'hook' was that they played messy rock (poorly) and all looked like they'd been sleeping outdoors for a week. Kinda like a precursor to '90s grunge, I guess.

    Of course, the thing about Raging Slab was, they were only popular for the month or two when they were being hyped in fanzines before anyone actually had a chance to hear how bad their music was.

    1. I wonder how their label, Buy Our Records, got the ad budget for all that.


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