Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beans on Toast: Angry Birds (2012)

Like the concoction from which he took his stage name, English folk-singer  Beans on Toast is not to everybody's taste. But if you've got hankering for ramshackle tunes, a gruff voice and some wickedly satirical words make the new BoT album, Fishing For A Thank You a part of your full English breakfast! For  quick taste, here's the video for the horn-aided tune "Angry Birds", which voices some 21st Century anxiety with lines like, "Lately my iPhone's been fucking with my mind".



  1. Hey Jeffen, glad to see you decided to carry on, and I have to say I personally understood and empathise with all your reasons for the hiatus.

    I did email you a while ago but it may have got lost in the spam - I've been looking for some Wreckless Eric stuff and have actually managed to purchase everything (only waiting for delivery for the "Captains of Industry" vinyl) bar one item which is proving difficult and too expensive and that's "Le Beat Group Electrique" Any chance of a re-up?

    all the best

  2. I put up 'At the Shop" today and I'll do the studio album as well (which was probably the one you meant!)

  3. Perfect my friend - thank you so much

  4. Jeffen I forgot to ask, did you get my email? and if so was there anything I mentioned you were interested in?


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