Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wreckless Eric: Le Beat Group Electrique (1989)

Wreckless Eric (more HERE) has stuck to his guns. Those guns, his chugga-chugga guitar and his garbled vocals, are like old flintlock muskets: crude, noisy and deadly at close range.

Following the premature death of the Len Bright Trio, Wreckless Eric, by then dry and living in rural France, put out Le Beat Group Electrique with Catfish Truton (drums) and André Barreau (bass) in 1989. LBGE were almost as grimy and roughshod musically as the LBT but with less noise-for-noise’s-sake and more sharp song-writing. Eric sounds like a ramshackle Buddy Holly on tunes like "Tell Me I'm the Only One", while "Sarah" is Dylan-esque put-down that sounds somewhere between the early Beatles (hopped-up in Hamburg era) and Van Morrison (circa early Them). At one point, he channels Lou Reed on “Just For You” but not until putting a Wreckelss pop spin on mental illness, with the ironically chipper-sounding "Depression".


Listen to this whole album, all 32:17 of it, and you'll be struck by how fearless Eric is; how he remains unbowed and well-armed!


A1     Tell Me I'm The Only One 3:10   
A2     Wishing My Life Away      4:02   
A3     Depression     2:56   
A4     It's A Sick Sick World     1:39   
A5     Just For You     4:45   
A6     Sarah     3:17   
B1     The Sun Is Pouring Down 5:00   
B2     I'm Not Going To Cry     2:08   
B3     You Sweet Big Thing     3:50   
B4     Fuck By Fuck     1:16   
B5     Parallel Beds     4:05   
B6     True Happiness     5:00

Hope you  enjoyed the re-up and feel free to leave us a COMMENT! about Mr. Eric and LBGE!

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  1. Hey, we've got some rare music for you here!
    If you appreciate that, leave a COMMENT when we do so!!!

    1. Dear Jeffen,

      your description sounded so promising, that I`m very curious to listen to this. Thank you Sir.

      Best Regards

    2. 'Bonus tracks' here http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/77160677/file.html

  2. Thank you very much, my friend

    I'm grateful

    Best Regards

  3. Hey Jeffen

    Thanks for this! Wreckless Eric always brings a big smile.


  4. Thanks so much! this is terrific!

  5. From Spain Thanx a lot

  6. I hadn't heard this for a while.

    This will not disappoint.

  7. My fave WE album. Excellent post

  8. hey Jeffen is it me or are the following tracks missing?

    B5 Parallel Beds 4:05
    B6 True Happiness 5:00


  9. Right you are, Gaz.

    Thanks, Jeffen, Eric's still a fave.

  10. I've been a big Wreckless Eric fan after seeing him on the Be Stiff tour in 1978. Thanks for this.

  11. as always....thank you.


  12. Hey gaz...

    B5 Parallel Beds 4:05
    B6 True Happiness 5:00
    are HIDDEN TRACKS!!!
    You have to find them on some other site!

  13. Thanks to all the commenters (possibly minus the last one) and as payback here's the missing two tracks!

  14. I'm sorry you didn't like my first posting...
    (Anonymous February 4, 2013 at 11:49 PM) But if
    you look at it again you might see it was really meant for Gaz. It seems I followed him around the net looking for those 2 missing tracks. He was leaving messages at each site because they were all using the same file and all were missing those same two tracks. This happens a lot because people copy links without checking them out and when enough do it the good complete files over time get deleted and all that is left are bad ones. I have even seen some where for example track 7 ended up missing and then somebody renumbered making track 8 number 7 totally ignoring the real track 7. Then after a while the only file available was the one numbered incorrectly. Anyway, sorry if I hurt your feelings but your comment about it being such a short album should have been a clue. The missing tracks made the album more than 15 minutes longer. But I do want to thank you for uploading them even though they are encoded Stereo while the rest of the album is Joint Stereo. Back in the day we called something like this a "Napster Album" - heh. But honestly, Thanks Much. This is the only place you can find all the tracks that belong to this album. ...even if they are in two different downloads. :)

    1. Hey thanks for the comments, seriously.

      By the way this will become irrelevant son as Wreckless Eric himself told me that Fire Records is gonna re-issue this stuff.

  15. The plot thinkens...

    I'm back again. heh heh It seems those two Wreckless Eric tracks are not from "Le Beat Group Electrique" I don't have any idea where they came from but the album tracks are much shorter and the times in my first post are what allmusic.com and discogs have...

    B5 Parallel Beds 4:05
    B6 True Happiness 5:00

    I guess what you posted is better than having no tracks but it is a good idea to keep them apart from the rest of the album. Probably the only way to get a full correct album is to buy an extremely over-price vinyl copy. But is it worth it? I don't think so.

    Out of curiostiy, if you don't mind saying, where did those tracks originate. What album?

    I also think the album tracks have no breaks between and track 10 F*ck, F*ck, F*ck leads into them with no break after it making all 3 songs one continuous track. But by now who really cares. I just put a disclaimer in with the album explaing the last two tracks are substitues because the oringinals can not be found... But so you don't feel bad, THANKS for what you did do. :)

  16. The bonus tracks file has expired. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks!


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