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Chuck Prophet: Live in Norderstedt (2012-04-20)

If you were to invite me to your abode, dear MRML reader, you can probably can ascertain from what you've read in these pages these four years past what would be my first order of business; going through your CD's/Records/Tapes/8-Tracks and your what-have-you's. Now, former Green On Red guitarist and current under-recognized singer-rock-song-writer Chuck Prophet has yet to honour me with an invite to his place of dwelling, yet I have some idle speculations about some of the items I would find, were I allowed to flip through his milk-crates of un-alphebetized, well-worn vinyl L.P':

The Rolling Stone: Exile on Main St.
Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde, Desire
The Modern Lovers: Self-Titled
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust
Graham Parker: Squeezing Out Sparks
X: Los Angeles
Bill Anderson: His Greatest Hits (2XLP)# 
Hank Williams: 40 Greatest Hits
The Only Ones: Special View*
Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action
The Kinks: Village Green Preservation Society
Nick Lowe: Pure Pop For Now People
Glen Campbell: Greatest Hits 
Elvis Costello: My Aim is True plus at least one more, say Taking Liberties
Lou Reed: Everything up until Mistrial (possibly minus Metal Machine Music and Coney Island Baby)

Sure my guesses are based mostly on listening to a lot of Chuck's new album, Temple Beautiful but I can't be all wrong. Can I?

* For some reason I imagine that Chuck would have the American versions...

So are takeaways from today are; Chuck Prophet has a great set of influences, his new album Temple Beautiful is one of the year's must-purchases and that the man is a great live performer as this excellent-quality soundboard recording from earlier this year proves.

CD 1 = Set 1

01. intro (Miro Berbig) -> Fear Is A Mans Best Friend
02. Just To See You Smile
03. Storm Across The Sea
04. Balinese Dancer
05. Look Both Ways
06. Castro Halloween
07. The Left Hand And The Right Hand
08. Willie Mays Is Up At Bat
09. White Night, Big City

CD 2 = Set 2

01. Credit
02. Sonny Liston's Blues
03. Temple Beautiful
04. Hot Talk
05. Automatic Blues
06. American Man -> band intro
07. Count The Days (Stephanie Finch)
08. Would You Love Me?
09./10. Summertime Thing
11. Little Girl, Little Boy
12. You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)
13. I'm Not Talking (Yardbirds)
14. Always A Friend
15. Shake Some Action (Flamin' Groovies)

Leave us your take of Mr. Prophet and his work in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find BOTH parts of Live in Norderstedt)

Behead Chuck Prophet No Lord Shall Live
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  1. Leave us your take of Mr. Prophet and his work RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!
    part one
    part two

  2. Not sure what I think about the guy but I know he's playing at a club not very far away from me, with Paul Collins Beat on Wednesday...

    1. Well I know I'd go, even thoguh PC isn't at his best these days. But your hesitancy makes sense.

  3. always enjoyed his work with green on red, not to mention his co-writing with alejandro escovedo.picked up a live show of his where he paid tribute to the clash's london calling by playing it in its entirety in order . . . great great stuff

    1. I'm trying to find that show right now. If you know where i might get it - let me know!

  4. i got it from dimeadozen but i'd be happy to get it to you somehow, given all you've shared.

  5. Thanks for this. I love some Chuckie P..I wish he'd hit Atlanta more often!

    1. I'll go see him this year at the Winnipeg Folk Festival!

  6. Oh...and I would love a copy of one of the London Calling shows, if you care to share it!

  7. Thanks Murray for the link!

  8. chuck is the greatest. thanks for this. as for his music collection, I think it would have everything dylan recorded ... he's a complete fanatic, as he testifies in his concerts and on his great website/blog

    1. I so should've added more Dylan, though I did try to go on what was audible for a newbie (like myself) and resisting things I knew he liked (i.e. Waylon Jennings) from other sources.

  9. just saw him live on Saturday.

    The first time I saw him he was great but this time he was unbelievable.

  10. I'll have to wait a bit to see him, he's not booked for Winnipeg this summer - bummer.

  11. Wow, that "The Left Hand & The Right Hand" song is just beautiful! I've had mixed feelings about the Green On Red material I've heard but that tune blew me away. I must investigate further...


    1. Yeah that was the song that did it for me too. Shockingly it was the SECOND single, while the first one, White Night, Big City is just not as good.

  12. A great show. Thanks. I heard lots of Lou Reed in there, but you've already noted that.

    1. Yeah, first note he sings you know he loves Lou, fortunately there's a lot more to him than that.

  13. Chuck and his various incarnations of the Mission Express is in my view - Music at its very best. He's my favorite guitarist on the planet none. He's also a great vocalist as well which gets overlooked by his fantastic songwriting and guitar work.

    I've never seen a better band than Chuck and the Express on the live stage...and I've seen quite a few that are far more well known than him.

    1. Plus his e-mail newsletter is are pretty funny!

  14. ....Thanks for the upload of the show too. Excellent quality ;)


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