Monday, May 7, 2012

The Living Deadbeats: Single (Free Download!)

A friend, and current Vancouverite, recently said that Vancouver sees too many good touring bands to need any great local acts. While it might be a bit of a stretch, it is true that at times Vancouver's underground rock n' roll scene has struggled to live up to its early glory days.

The Living Deadbeats, however, are set to help Vancouver rise from the musical dead. While the cover of the band's single might suggest some sorta psychobillly-freakout, front woman Lindsay's powerful, growling voice is gonna make a lot of people remember Mia Zappata (R.I.P.).  It's a reasonable point of comparison, especially as Zappata's band, The Gits, were as rooted in punk as they were in the blues. The Bellrays, with their mix of Detroit rock and Detroit Soul might also be a helpful comparison too but in the end The Living Deadbeat's lethal mix of garage rock, pop, rockabilly, soul and punk isn't paying homage to anything but their hometown's proud musical history.

The band, who also include Pete Fiend, formerly of The Finks, The Fiends and inspirational blog, O Canadarm, on bass, Dirty Swagger on guitar and Nadja on the drums, have offered up this free single as a taste of what's to come on their forthcoming full-length, As well, the band's gonna be touring Canada, as far as Ontario anyway,  in the summer - so let's check 'em out in the flesh Canucks!




>>>>    Free download is in the COMMENTS section!    <<<<<


  1. Hey Jeffen

    I hope folks enjoy The Living Deadbeats as much as I do.Looking forward to their album.



  3. For some reason the band on "Evil Hearted Blues" sound, to me, like Motorhead playing pop punk - an excellent proposition in my opinion.

    Hope to see these Deadbeats this summer!


    1. I like that proposition and the one about checking them out this summer!

  4. Great album. I can hear the Motorhead reference...the gambling reference made me think of them.


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