Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gentleman Jesse: Leaving Atlanta (2012)

Four questions about Gentleman Jesse's new album Leaving Atlanta:

1. Is this the Gentleman Jesse album to own?
Hell yes, the first album kicks along nicely and then there's been some fine singles but with this new album and aspiring classics like "I'm Only Lonely (When I'm Around You)" and "Careful What you Wish For" and "Eat Me Alive" Jesse's got a reasonable nominee for AMG album pick (if he only had a proper entry there!)

2. Does Jesse still have an Exploding Heart?
Yeah, there's a some sonic similarities between Jesse's historically-minded garagy-pop-punk and the tragically departed Portland band's distinctive retro-style but Jesse's got ever-expanding taste in full-fledged rock n' roll as the rockabilly-powered single, "Rooting for The Underdog" goes to show:

3. What happened to His Men
Jesse dropped  "His Men" who backed him on his first album (keeping drummer/producer David Rahn), which allowed him to expand his sound (garage rock legend King Louie, who kept company with the aforementioned Exploding Hearts, plays harmonica here) without losing his edge.

4. Is the title secret tribute to the Atlanta Thrashers move from Atalanta, Georgia to MRML's home-base, Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the 2011-2012 hockey season?
Probably not. It's a more of a tribute to the love/hate relationship Jesse's had with his hometown, especially after a rough few years since his last album.



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  1. didnt pick up on it on the 1st lp but this new album really sounds like early BARRACUDAS to me. great record

    1. Yeah this tops the 1st album to me, hands down.


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