Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Dodgems: Lord Lucan Is Missing (1980)

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Brighton, UK's The Dodgems (more HERE) 2nd Atrix Records single from 1980 is another cool splicing of futurism and retroism. "Lord Lucan Is Missing" features a churchy organ sound, a quick tempo and tremendously hooky use of repetition, while "Got To Give It Up" examines nicotine compulsion in an arty, yet witty and catchy, way.

(This is an alternate take of the LLiM, I believe.)

A         Lord Lucan Is Missing        
B         Gotta Give It Up

Let myself and Roberto know what you think of the The Dodgems in the COMMENTS section (where you can get the Lord Lucan Is Missing single.)

The entire Dodgems output (17 tracks!) is available on CD HERE!


  1. Let myself and Roberto know what you think of the The Dodgems right HERE!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey some COMMENTS would be appreciated for these two little treasures!

  2. As a Brightonian who was sadly too young to be part of the vibrant punk scene, I just wanted to say thank you for these.

    1. Glad to be of help - hope you're still finding new Brighton band to support!

  3. Jeffen

    Just looking through the excellent Brighton site.Does Roberto have any stuff by The Pirhanas?I bought their only LP at Quintessence back in the day.
    Dodgems sound great.Thanks to yourself and Roberto.


  4. Actually The 'Piranhas'!A mental lapse?Great band.

    1. Thanks for sending the Piranhas stuff. Amazing band (and one of the first things I wanted to post when I started this blog)


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