Friday, May 18, 2012

V.A. The London R & B Sessions (Live at the Hope & Anchor, 1979)

We bandy about the term 'pub-rock' here a surprising amount considered how short-lived its life-span,  how small-scale its success and how ill-defined the term really is. Last time I tried to define the term I said, "Pub rock was an umbrella term for dozens of mid-70s English groups, each playing their own amalgam country-r&b-rockabilly in gritty pubs rather than stadiums" but even that would probably miss out funkier bands like Roogaltor and many more I can't even name. There was also a clear break between the bands who were more interested in playing country-rock and those who really wanted to be the Rolling Stones circa 1965. This 1979 album, The London R & B Sessions (Live at the Hope & Anchor, as even a cursory glance will tell, is firmly in the latter category. It's a retro-rockin' revival and features some fine bands of the era like the Lew Lewis Reformation, Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders, The (Count) Bishops and, fitting our recent theme, The Little Roosters (more HERE).

A1     Lew Lewis Reformer – You'd Better Watch Yourself       
A2     Lew Lewis Reformer – Shake And Finger Pop       
A3     Bogey Boys – Madison Blues       
A4     Red Beans And Rice – Finger In My Eye       
A5     Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders – The Whammy       
A6     Untouchables - I Can't Be Satisfied       
A7     Bogey Boys - You Can't Catch Me       
A8     Cannibals - Just For Fun       
B1     Pirates - Tear It Up       
B2     Hope & Anchor House Band – Just A Little Bit       
B3     Red Beans And Rice – Pucker Up Buttercup       
B4     American Blues Legends – Why Do Everything Happen To Me       
B5     Little Roosters  - Roostering With Intent       
B6     Blues Band – Death Letter       
B7     Bishops – Taste And Try       
B8     Pirates – All In It Together    

So what do you, dear reader, maker of the more Stones-y side of of pub-rock? Let us know in the COMMENTS section (where you'll find the The London R & B Sessions).


  1. Hey out last Little Roster went by without comment, despite being a cool little rarity.
    Please don't make that omission again!
    Leave us a COMMENT on this out-of-print "blue- wave" obscurity!

    1. Are the Little Roosters related to Garrie and the Roosters (who actually included some of the Inmates)?

    2. Yup and I shall give you further Garrie this week...

  2. Jeffen

    Many thanks.Good stuff.


    1. We'll keep the good stuff rolling!

  3. Love It! & I haven't even heard it yet. Wilko... Lew Lewis... enough said

  4. Having listened to the Hope & Anchor Front Row album many times over the years, I can't believe I've missed out on this one somehow. Many thanks, Jeff.

  5. This is a bit of a different animal than "Front Row' (more pub, less punk) but still a tribute to the guys who booked the club.

  6. A staple of my vinyl collection many years ago - cheers for the memories.
    Anyone have the Red Beans & Rice 45 (That Driving Beat)?
    Steve Diamond (Australia)

  7. Never seen this before. Thanks!

    1. That's what we aim to dredge up - the unseen.

  8. Yet another interesting looking thing from you. Thanks, as always, for expanding my musical horizons.

    1. Hey glad to expand people's horizons in my own little way.

  9. Looks like an awesome set! Thanks

  10. Dead link. Could you please repost?
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Ouuh please please as greendog says could you please repost, I can't live without the whammy !!!


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