Monday, May 28, 2012

Joey Ramone: Faces (Collaborations 1982-2000)

This is a loving bootleg that collects up the scraps from all over Joey Ramone's career. While you may not want to continuously re-listen to every one of the 24 tracks, it is amazing how many are pretty damn good like this collaboration with Debbie Harry that showed up as a B-side of one of her less-than-successful solo singles:

WARNING: The original compilers, in their zeal to show Joey's range, included a few officially released Ramones tracks. While I can't see the harm, these tracks inclusion does go against our mission of offering the unoffered. So, with no apology, we've made a few substituttions of other rare tracks or live versions to underscore our primary point - BUY THE DAMN ALBUMS!

1.  Joey, Dee Dee Ramone and The Dictators - Danny Says (3:09)
2.  Joey Ramone and Deborah Harry - Standing In My Way (4:23)
3.  Joey Ramone and Nomads - The King Of The Night Train (3:39)
4.  Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone - I Am Seeing UFO's (4:04)
5.  Joey Ramone and Mickey Leigh - See My Way (4:13)
6.  Joey Ramone and The B-52's* - Chop Suey ('Get Crazy' version) (3:38)
7.  Joey Ramone and Holly Beth Vincent - I Got You Babe (3:34)
8.  Joey Ramone and 22 Jacks - I'll Be With You Tonight (4:25)
9.  Joey Ramone and Helen Love - Punk Boy (2:27)
10. Joey Ramone and General Johnson - Rockaway Beach (3:30)
11. Joey Ramone and Richie Ramone - Chasing the Night (Demo) (4:28)
12. Joey Ramone and Furious George - Gilligan (3:01)
13. Joey Ramone and Die Toten Hosen - Blitzkrieg Bop (1:50)
14. Joey Ramone and Mickey Leigh - Don't Be So Stranger (2:27)
15. Joey Ramone and 22 Jacks- 1969 (Live) (3:39)
16. Joey Ramone and Pearl Jam - Sonic Reducer (Live) (3:56)
17. Joey Ramone and The Seclusions - Shape of Things To Come (3:08)
18. Joey Ramone - I Couldn't Sleep At All (2:31)
19. Joey Ramone and Ronnie Spector - Bye Bye Baby (4:10)
20. Joey Ramone - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (3:26)
21. Joey Ramone and Mickey Leigh - On The Beach (3:01)
22. Joey Ramone and The Independents - Garden Of Serenity (2:08)
23. Joey Ramone and the Resistance - Bring it on Home To Me (4:40)
24. Joey, Dee Dee Ramone and The Dictators - The Kids Are Alright (Live) (3:10)  

* Specifically Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson plus Deborah Harry. Also, this is a different version than the one on the re-issue of Pleasant Dreams.

Two questions:
Whaddya think of these rarities?
Do ya wanna hear more?
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  1. One good turn (posting this ultra-rarity) deserves another (leaving a comment!)

  2. Count me in for downloading this one. I love the Die Toten Hosen version of "Blitzkrieg bop" & although I'm not a Ramones fan they were definitely fun.

    1. Every-time I post any Die Toten Hosen there's a tepid response - but they're a great band!

  3. this certainly is a loving bootleg! very nice. thanks!

    1. 'Loving" is a perfect description.

  4. Thanks man! I already have most of the damn albums!! I'll have to grab this later, friggin' RapidShare says 50 minutes, and I'm going out in 15. WTF is up with that??

    1. The price is free plus 50 minutes.

  5. What a great collection. Joey Ramone (and the Ramones in general) was/were a lot better than their "jokey" image made many think. Sure there were the buzzing guitars (which, by the way, sound a lot less menacing, odd, and fast than they did to us back then!) but the lyrics could be funny or touching, Joey got the utmost out of his voice, and they even had some great melodies.

    Thanks to the compiler of this great collection, and thanks for making it available.

    1. Yeah I'm glad the Joey Ramone estate, such as it is, is making a claim for his importance in the American Pantheon. Maybe they'll make a legal version of this comp available.

  6. Excellent!!! Thanks so much for sharing this one.

  7. Thanks much. Good to see Joey getting so much well-deserved attention of late.

  8. Please re-up....

  9. Works! Sorry, something was wrong with me...:)

  10. Fantastic timing. New album (Ya Know) and just finished Mickey Leigh's book. Thanks for these.

  11. Joey Ramone and General Johnson! YES!!!

  12. Thanks' for the Joey comments, much appreciated ...ya know.

  13. thanks for sharing and like you said "buy the records"

  14. Love the site and all the goodies within. Everything you put up is great quality and I buy my share (and several others, come to think of it)also . Keep on Keepin' On!

  15. I am looking so forward to hearing this! Thank you!

  16. Downloading the file right now and looking foward to get out of work so I can listen to this!

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing collection.



  17. Thanks everybody for keeping the comments flowing!

  18. Fabulous, man! Keep 'em coming... Thanks

  19. Thanks and keep it flowing. Much appriciated.

  20. i'm honestly speechless.

  21. Just when I thought I had everything, but every live show. Thanks Man!

  22. Joey rules, thankyou for posting this info.

  23. how about a re-post? PLEASE!!!


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