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Graham Parker and the Figgs: City Winery, New York (April 20, 2012)

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2012 is promising be a great year for Graham Parker (more HERE) but that doesn't mean he's not holdin' back til the onslaught of end-of-the-year projects. GP's still touring with nineties new wavers, The Figgs. As is often the case with this grouping, this live set is heavy on deep album tracks, including only three songs (of nineteen) from Parker's seventies heyday. This is an exemplary audience recording, low on audience noise and heavy on vocals and guitar. ENJOY!

Graham Parker and the Figgs
City Winery, New York
Friday, April 20, 2012

recorded by scoper
near the V.I.P. section in front of the left stack

1. Intro
2. It's My Party (But I Won't Cry)
3. Turn It Into Hate
4. No Holding Back
5. If It Ever Stops Raining
6. Dislocated Life
7. Black Lincoln Continental
8. Impenetrable
9. Speaks About 80's Drum Sounds
10. When You Do That To Me
11. You Can't Be Too Strong
12. Blue Highway
13. Under The Mask of Happiness
14. Not Where You Think
15. You Hit The Spot
16. Get Started, Start A Fire
17. Bad Chardonnay
18. Fools Gold
19. All Or Nothing (Small Faces cover)
20. Do It Like You Said
21. Soul Shoes

GP fans - what do you think of the man's alliance with The Figgs?
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  1. Saw Graham at the Sellersville Theater (outside of Philly) on April 27th. The Figgs are a great band, but have a laid-back style that lacks the edge needed to drive many of GP's rockers. Graham was in fine voice and funny as hell. It was a great performance, but almost completely devoid of any war horse hits.

  2. great show! thanks!

  3. Thanks to my two anonymous commenters, two decent people.
    No thanks to the other 137 people who want only to take and not to share.

  4. Thanks for a great blog!

    Saw Graham and the Rumour last night in Tarrytown, NY, first night of tour.

    Great show, band pretty tight after 30+ yrs, new album material I heard is almost as good as the old classics. Martin Belmont is very excited to be back.

    Not to be missed!

  5. I've been listening t the boot of that show 0- it sounds great and should be making an appearance here sooner of later.

  6. Any chance of reposting this one? I will thank you profusely and thumb my nose at all of the leechers. Promise. Thanx.

    Peace out, Geno


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