Tuesday, July 3, 2012

999: Takeover (1998)

Some critics have claimed that 999 (more HERE) really never had a particular point-of-view, unlike their class of '77 peers; The Sex Pistols (pro-anarchy), The Clash (pro-revolution) or The Damned (pro-smashing-it-up). Of course, when time moved on those very overwhelming points-of-view became hindrances to returning-to-form. Once you've backed off from such an all-consuming point-of-view, it's hard to just pick it back up. But for 999, with their straight-forward-but-intriguing subject matter (greed, murder, the inability to make it with girls), bouncing back after the mid-eighties-bottom-out all those artists went through was easy as one-two-three. Starting with 1993's You Us It!, 999 have released a trio of return-to-top-form albums. The middle album, 1998's Breakdown, is considered the go-to example of their on-going vitality. The guitars crackle, the rhythm section keeps a pub-rockin' beat and Nick Cash's voice remains startlingly familiar to thier glory days. On this out-of-print come-back, you get rip-roarers like "Fit Up", hang-em all put-downs like "Takeover" and even mid-tempo balladesque tracks like, "Damp With Tears". Check it out!

1         Takeover                 2:12    
2         Didn't Mean To                 2:26    
3         No Prisoners                 3:30    
4         Headcase                 3:17    
5         Salvage Mission             2:38    
6         Fit Up                     1:13    
7         Out Of Our Heads             2:13    
8         I Can't Wait                2:15    
9         Split Personality             2:17    
10         Damp With Tears             2:09    
11         Edge Of The World             3:17    
12         Falling                 2:35    
13         Really Like You             1:48    
14         Jam Me Up (With Something Nice)     1:33    
15         Pile Up           2:25

999 fans,
What do you make of the band's 
comebacks albums, especially Takeover?
Let us know in the COMMENTS section.

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  1. 999 fans,
    What do you make of the band's
    comebacks albums, especially Takeover?
    Let us know RIGHT HERE!

  2. Hmmm, I sense the interest is waning with this later stuff. Takeover and You Us It are still quite listenable, they just don't bear comparison with the early records. I only listened to Death In Soho once, so I can't really comment on that one. Overall, though, give me the Buzzcocks later albums over these.

    1. 'Waning" would be the polite term, 'crashing' the the starker one.
      Ah well we tried, thanks for the comments. I do enjoy the later Buzzcocks material but I rarely listen to the albums in full.


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