Thursday, July 26, 2012

The English Beat: Live in Jamaica, 1982

So the catalog of the English Beat (name discussion HERE) has been beautifully done over by BOTH Edsel Records and Shout Factory. The decision with which to purchase is going to be tough. In the meantime, here, via a soundboard recording from the Jamaica World Music Festival in 1982, is a reminder of why you NEED more Beat!

d1t01 - Introduction
d1t02 - Hands Off...She's Mine
d1t03 - Big Shot
d1t04 - Doors Of Your Heart
d1t05 - Save It For Later
d1t06 - Too Nice To Talk To
d1t07 - I Confess
d1t08 - Spar Wid Me
d1t09 - Ranking Full Stop

d1t10 - Tears Of A Clown

So are you gonna purchase any new English Beat?
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  1. So are you gonna purchase any new English Beat?
    Let us know RIGHT HERE!

  2. How's a kid to choose? But, yes, and probably both, being an anal-retentive completist etc. Thanks for this. Had it but lost it in a hard-drive crash.

    1. Both - the very thought makes my wallet hurt!

  3. Hey Jeffen

    A few years ago I got the Madness box 'The Lot' for Christmas.Fantastic.And over the years I have purchased the reissued albums by The Specials and The Selecter.All great.But for some strange reason I only had The Beat albums as the original vinyl and mp3s.So I ordered and just received today the Shout Factory 5 CD box.Looks excellent.

    I saw The Specials,The Selecter,The Beat and Madness at the Commodore Ballroom back in the day.All were terrific live.I also saw The Specials open for the The Police at the PNE Garden Auditorium.The Specials blew The Police off the stage!Kinda reminds me of how Ian Dury blew Lou Reed off the QE Theatre stage.

    Thanks as always.


    1. Doug give us your review of the box set - I'm still totally torn!

    2. P.S. And I love The Police unabashedly but I fully believe that the Specials in their prime would blow them off the stage.

    3. Hey Jeffen

      First ... I must admit I probably should have bought the Edsel reissues because of the DVDs.If you buy all 3 Edsel reissues today it would cost 37 pds including S&H from

      The Shout Factory box is excellent.Each album comes in it's own jewel case and the extra CDs come in a 2 CD jewel case.Excellent.Neil Young could learn something here.

      The sound is superb.None of that compressed sound that totally wrecks some great albums(eg Doves,Elbow etc.).The albums were remastered from the original tapes by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy.

      Of course on the Shout Factory box the band is called The English Beat.It cost me $40 C from

      Can't go wrong either way.



  4. Fucking `ell ,that was off OTT, the shit late night version of the greatest kids programme ever.....TISWAS.
    Check it out.

  5. I pre-ordered the Shout Factory box, so i could get the US Festival cd/dvd tossed in for "free". I'll probably pick up one or more of the Edsel re-issues when my wallet recovers. I love the Beat - thanks for the download.

    1. I'm just divided. I kinda hate box sets, since I listen to albums and not whole sets. But it's cheap and it's $100.00 for the three triple sets...

  6. Hey brink

    Yeah ... those Edsel reissues look impressive.Maybe in the future ...


  7. I bought The EDSEL and the Shout Factory Reissues and I'm very happy with them, if you really want The Complete Beat you need both the UK & US Versions. the EDSEL Version is great for Video but the Shout Factory Version is tidy if that's the right word :)

  8. I think I'm gonna go with the Shout Factory at the end of the day - just because of the $100.00 price tag on the individual albums.


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