Monday, July 9, 2012

Chumbawamba Break-Up! (Plus Live Ammunition, 2010)

Make all the cheap one-hit wonder jokes you must but English-anarcho-folk-dance-punks, Chumbawamba have broken up (band statement here). This ends an endlessly fascinating (and not always enjoyable) thirty year career. It's terrible news, as their last three albums have been the most consistent of their career (with the possible exception on my beloved English Rebel Songs). As my send-off, here's a live bootleg of the smaller, folkeir version of the band playing in 2010 in Kassel, Germany.

01 Voices, that's all
02 Song on the times
03 Talk
04 Add me
05 Wagner at the opera
06 Thatcher in memoriam talk
07 So long, so long
08 Singing out the days
09 You don't exist
10 Stitch at the time (Stitch that)
-- break
11 Fade Away
12 Tritonus talk
13 The Devil's Interval
14 Ratatatay talk
15 Ratatatay
16 The Day the Nazi Died
17 Torturing James Hetfield
18 Charly
19 Credits
20 El Fusilado
21 Homophobia
22 A Love Letter to Margret Thatcher from General Pinochet
23 Underground
24 On e-Bay
25 Bella Ciao

Chumbawamba homepage 

P.S. if you wanna hear some more rare Chumba, please leave a COMMENT, I have a folder full of oddities and absurdities to share, if you're willing.


  1. So what do you make of the loss of Chumbawamba?
    Tell us RIGHT HERE! LA 2010.rar

  2. So outside the box and so underrated. It's a shame that they'll be remembered for "that song" when they had so much more interesting material. Another distinct voice ending. We'll probably never see the likes of them again in this top 40 homogenized music world full of retreads who think they sound so hip. Thanks for the show - it looks good.

    1. They do deserve to be remembered for so much more than 'that song but I think history will vindicate them - their catalog is too deep to be ignored forever.

  3. I'm more hoping for an appearance of the 'Bare Faced Hypocrisy Sells Records' EP (and the bonus tracks), myself...

    1. I promise you that that single will be a part of this series!

  4. still remember hearing Jesus H Christ for the first time and i was hooked from there on out.

  5. Good riddance to these ridiculous posers, whose claim to be an anarchist collective was as false as their music and lyrics were dreadful. They promoted violence and attacked anyone who participated in charity events, like live aid. Bad music, bad politics, good riddance.

    1. I'm afraid you've over-simplified (and sometimes misunderstood) the band). There's lots they did to criticize but I hardly feel you've discussed those things!

  6. I love how much they piss people off like Anon above, or the smartass rock critics in the Well Done: Now Sod Off documentary that's excerpted on the DVD released with the Readymades CD. Does anyone know if the full-length documentary is accessible anywhere?

    Frustrating, hapless, hilarious, intermittently brilliant, self-contradictory, they were a wild, fun, righteous mess of a band and it'll be a drag not having them around. Thanks for sharing the show, Jeffen, and breaking the bad news.

    -Jeff R aka The PopCulturist

    1. "I love how much they piss people off like Anon above"
      Yeah there skill at drawing out venom was amazing!

  7. PS Groovy -the whole film's on YouTube.

  8. Great stuff - more please - I agree that they strated well, faded and were then reborn - The Boy Bands Have Won!

  9. "Anarchy" is a wonderful album, not everyone's taste...
    I'll miss them, contradictions are part of politics and I know what side of the line I stand.
    Nothing ever burns down by itself
    every fire needs a little bit of help

  10. Now they'll individually live off free social benefits while protesting the state that gives them free social benefits.

  11. Great band that. I hope they've turned some heads.


    1. Yeah they sure did. A shame to lose them...

  12. hello,
    link is dead, could you upload it again ?


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