Friday, July 13, 2012

Bain Break

Did you ever meet a sentence you just adored?

Time columnist and trouble-maker, Joe Klein said of concerns over Mitt Romany's time at the head of Bain Capital. "And this will make the Obama campaign’s larger point: the Republicans are defending an economy that has been distorted by financial games-playing over the past 30 years, in which the rich make deals, not products, and pay very little taxes on their curiously-gotten gains. The Republicans will say this is an argument against capitalism. It isn’t. It’s an argument against plutocracy." (italics mine).

An argument against plutocracy.

That's an argument that must be made lest the backbone of a great nation be broken.

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  1. solyndra= one black lying cocksucker

    1. No one can say trolls aren't quick on the draw - racist, homophobic and utterly lacking a sens of proportion, yes but quick on the draw for sure.

    2. Either a troll or just a typical braindead Fox Tea Party yahoo. Must not be any Nascar on tonight.

    3. I ma amazed at the speed - I mean why would a troll even read this blog!

  2. Friends don't let friends vote Republican.

  3. But if you give the rich more money, they'll create jobs for the poor. Or not. Or maybe they'll close American factories, subcontract foreign slave labor and ship toxic, poorly made garbage back to sell to the poor. Yup, that's about right.


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