Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kurt Cobain Comic


While we had a great reaction to our posting of the Beatles (X 2), The Rolling Stones Ramones and Dead Kennedys comics (see HERE), MRML is not planing on becoming a 'scan blog'. However, thanks to Big Scott we've received an avalanche of rock n' roll comics, including Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Story.

God, I wanted to hate Nirvana. As the eighties bled into the nineties I nursed a loathing of  Soundgarden, a dislike for Mudhoney (well but for two songs - guess which two) and a disdain for much of the the retro-dullness of the Sub-Pop 200, minus The Fastbacks. Despite having it forced upon me, Bleach never really hit a nerve, one way or the other. But Never Mind was a like a shock to the system. Nirvana may have been ripping off seventies tricks like their brethren but they were using them to build this skull-rattling rock-punk-pop that sounded ferocious and inducing all at once.  Honestly, I haven't listened to Never Mind in years but I know it's power is still there.

While the worship of Cobain can be stomach-turning, this full-colour graphic novel does an intriguing job of telling his story without making him out to be as much of an emo angel as that cover implies.

As it turns out his particular comic is not so rare and can be purchased at Amazon.

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  1. I'm an idiot! I read the headline "Kurt Cobain Comic" and somehow decided it was a recording of the comedy stylings of the Nirvana head honcho, ala "Elivs Having Fun On Stage"!

    Great site.

    Enjoying the Olympics?


    1. I think 'Having Fun on Stage With Kurt" would be a wonderful (if real short) album.

  2. There are not any bad Mudhoney or Nirvana songs. Grunge Uber Alles!

  3. A dislike for Mudhoney?

    "Touch Me, I'm Sick" and "We Hate the Bloody Queen", perhaps?

    What of Green River?

    Can't say I really liked 'Nevermind' when it first came out. (I actually gave it away after a couple listens...) It was nothing like the "Sliver" 7" or 'Bleach' LP that I fell in love with; and the "Teen Spirit" and "Lithium" CD singles B-sides were really what I was raving about in college.

    I'm afraid to download this comic...

    1. I forgot that they covered the Queen haters with such panache (sorta like how the covered The Dicks!)

      Yeah the quality of much of the B-sides etc on "Incesticide" was stunning.

      P.S. as for Green River - give me Slow any day.


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