Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chumbawamba: Live in Bremen, 2008 (FM)

Worry not Powerpearls fans (see HERE), we'll return to the twinkie-ness soon enough, but in keeping with the simultaneously ADD and Obsessive-Compulsiveness of my work here we need to continue to mourn the passing of English-anarcho-folk-dance-punks, Chumbawamba (first take HERE). To remind of of what we've all lost, here's an amazing bootleg - stereling broadcast sound quality and a perfect performance by the smaller, folkier version of the band.

Bremen, Germany

01 Fade Away ( I Don´t Want To)
02 Song On The Times
03 Add Me
04 Sing About Love
05 A Stitch In Time
06 To A Little Radio  / (Words flew) Right Around The World
07 Unpindownable / On Ebay
08 By And By
09 Jacob´s Ladder
10 Charlie
11 I Wish That They`d Sack Me
12 The Digger´s Song
13 You Can (Kinder Trespass)
14 The Day The Nazi Died
15 Timebomb
16 El Fusilado
17 Bankrobber
18 Homophobia
19 Bella Ciao
20 Buy Nothing Day
21 Her Majesty

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P.S. if you wanna hear some more rare Chumba, please leave a COMMENT, I have a folder full of oddities and absurdities to share, if you're willing.


  1. Hey, thanks for your comments (pro and con) on Chumba.
    If you want to hear more rarities (and believe me there are LOTS!) leave us a comment here.
    https://rapidshare.com/files/3517352067/Chmbw Brmn 08.rar

  2. Yes, please more Chumba, particularly from their better rock days!

    1. If that's the eighties era, then it shall be done!

  3. I remember a friend of mine playing a later Chumba folk album. I remember laughing at him when I saw it- then I hear it. It was great. I can't wait to hear it.

    Also, I was thinking Jeffen that you might like my friends band that recently broke up (he was the guy with the Chumba album). Give it a listen- I think you might like it. I like the song "Forget Yr Broken Heart" and "Ghost of Jim Jones (reprise)" but they are all great. I figure that you have turned me onto enough great music that I would like to return the favor a little.



  4. More,more,more please!
    Oh,i forgot:More!

  5. Oh Chumbawamba, much maligned but donated a fair bit of their profits to the causes they supported and dealt better with the contradictions of being musicians better than most, with more humor...


    1. 'Contradictions', 'humour' 'causes' three words that must be used when discussing this band.

  6. Please keep the Chumba comin'!


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