Wednesday, July 18, 2012

V.A. Powerpearls (1979-1982) Volume Ten

(Thanks to David Quinton for being the model
 for MRML's own cover for Volume Ten!)

Very final batch of stellar mod-punk-new-wave power-pop from an L.P. that dates back to 2003* (ah nostalgia for a better nostalgia). Volumes one to nine are <HERE>

In previous comments, Iron gives these dates for the series:
Vol. 1, 2 & 3: (1998)
Vol. 4 & 5: (1999)
Vol. 6 & 7: (2000)
Vol. 8 & 9: (2001)
Vol. 10: (2003)

01. The Pylons - Marvel World
02. The Pop - Wait a Minute
03. Last Words - Every Schoolboy's Dream
04. Tripple Cripple - Baby, I Don't Mind
05. Liquid Stone - Here Comes the Weekend
06. Chuzpe - I Loved the '60s
07. The Reaction - I Can't Resist
08. Sensuuri - Goodnight NYC
09. The Trend - Teenage Crush
10. David Quinton - Make Up Your Mind
11. Bees - Mr. Gaynor
12. The Haskells - Pop Art
13. The Blitz Boys - She Told My Friends
14. Skymning - En ängel
15. The Reactions - Marianne
16. The Limit - My World at Night
17. Manikins - Love at Second
18. Duggie Campbell - Real Nice Girl

 Speaking of comments a word or two from readers about these nifty offerings would be a darling way to finish off this bounty (After all this only one series....)


  1. Speaking of comments a word or two from readers about these nifty offerings would be a darling way to finish off this bounty (After all this only one series....)

  2. Thanks for this awesome series. Great fun.

  3. Thank you so much for these compilations. They're amazing!

  4. Work has been ripping me to pieces lately - working outside in the summer is hard. This series makes coming home every day just that much later. Thanks so much Jeffers!

  5. Man, thanks so much for this. Seriously this box set is amazing.

  6. You made this cover? What happened to the original?

    1. Um, as I thought was pretty obvious, there is not one available.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Till now I still can't download any. Maybe you should change your host to divshare.

  8. A Big Fuckin' Thanks for all these brilliant comps. This is stuff I would kill for....really!!!!

  9. Once again, a superb set of tracks. Thanks


  10. I love the Powerpearls series. It looks like there were three Swedish volumes after the first ten LPs.

    1. I was sad when GFT decided to shut down.

  11. I mostly visit your site looking for your amazing Dylan and powerpop stuff, and I just discovered this series. Fantastic! Thanks again, sir.

    1. As I've said before, I love when people enjoy the different obsessions on display here at MRML

  12. I am loving the Powerpearls series. I am slowly making my way through it. Great stuff...thanks


    1. Let us know what you found to be the highlights of the series.


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