Monday, July 30, 2012

The Sex Pistols Comic

While we had a great reaction to our posting of the Beatles (X 2), Ramones, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Dead Kennedys comics (see HERE), MRML is not planing on becoming a 'scan blog'. However, thanks to Big Scott we've received an avalanche of rock n' roll comics, including one on The Sex Pistols.

What we have here is another B & W Revolutionary Comics bio, that gives a bit of a fresh angle on the old, old punk story (hands up who amongst you who can recite the exact curse words Rotten and Cook said to Bill Grundy).

Anonymous says,
Does anybody remember the Sex Pistols parody Mad magazine #199 June 1978?

Let us know what you make of this Sex Pistols comic you want to see more rare rock n' roll comics let us know in the COMMENTS section


  1. Let us know what you make of this Sex Pistols comics and whether you wan more graphic goodies!

  2. Thanks for these! I'm enjoying the comics and I don't mind seeing more, but I'm easy to please. Great blog, keep up the good work all around.

    1. Thanks and hopefully you enjoyed the rest of the (almost) completed comic series.

  3. Thanx for these. John Lydon rules. Im still having trouble believing my eyes and ears from the olympic opening. ;)

  4. Ah, the memories of the Middlesex Pistols...

  5. Does anybody remember Sex Pistols parody Mad magazine #199 June 1978?


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