Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Beatles Gold Key Comic (1968)

While we had a great reaction to our posting of the Beatles, Ramones, Rolling Stones and Dead Kennedys comics (see HERE), MRML is not planing on becoming a 'scan blog'. However, thanks to Big Scott we've received an avalanche of rock n' roll comics, including yet ANOTHER Beatles comic.

This 1968 Gold Key comics adaptation of the camp Yellow Submarine movie is done by  a team of lesser know comic book figures, namely Paul Newman, scripter, Jose Delbo, penciller, and Jose Delbo, inker. Expect Blue Meanies, kitschy G-rated psychedelia and a dose of nostalgia - real or imagined!

If you want to see more rock n' roll comics let us know in the COMMENTS section!


  1. If you want to see more rock n' roll comics let us know RIGHT HERE!
    https://rapidshare.com/files/3724400812/Comic Bls GKC 68.rar

  2. Big Beatles fan thanks for Yellow Submarine, never seen this before

  3. Yeah bring on the comics.........these are great! Thanks. Loved the Ramones.

  4. the beatles suck but i love these comics

  5. Thanks or the comments music comic fans!

  6. Fantastic - Tales From Dr Feelgood would be great please.

  7. Maravilhosa postagem. Tudo dos Beatles é incrível. Obrigado. Marco/Brasil


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