Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jakob Dylan and Mick Jones Reboot the Mission!

So, The Wallflowers, a band led by Dylan The Younger, have joined forces with former Clash-man, Mick Jones, who Jakob's dad described in his book Chronicles as "the definitive Clash guitarist".  (This was either a back-handed swipe at Vince White and Nick Sheppard or Bob had just run out of adjectives for guitarist.)

The song on which Dylan and his band, The Wallflowers, colluded with Jones on is called "Re-Boot the Mission" and it's a funky-reggae number that sounds somewhere between a lost Sandinista track and a good BAD song. (Rolling Stone has a run-down here)

The Wallflowers


  1. I can't put my finger on who Jakob Dylan sounds like here...but it's definitely someone from the 80's portion of my record collection. Stan Ridgeway, Micheal Been, Chris Isaak?

    1. I don't care who you pick I just love the way that list of singers goes together!


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