Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fuck the Silence

Sometimes the silence cracks.

I used to make tapes, hundreds of them, for all sorts of people and not just attractive women either (though their's were always free). Of course every recipient got quizzed on their reaction to the songs - love or hate them, I needed to know why.

So I've given up on the old CrO2 (the last one was made for my wife in 2001) and taken my musical soapboxing here. I can't quit. Not yet, anyway. This remains the surest way of spreading obscure music and that is one of my most fatal compulsions.

As soon as I decided to post that Billy Bragg single in early June, I knew it would fall near MRML's anniversary and bring up the memory of the hundreds of people who have downloaded that Billy Bragg Peel Sessions without so much as a character of comment. I knew whatever I wrote, it would sound like a quitting post but I paid that no mind. The words just flowed and I published immediately rather than revise until the morning.

There followed an avalanche of well-expressed thoughts, shattering the cursed silence.

Thanks to you all.

Next: Joe Jackson


  1. I've been doing a punk web site for most of the last 12 years, and by word count it's over 2,000 pages. Expecting a lot of feedback is a pipe dream. People surf music sites as quickly as they can. You do a web site so it exists for the world to see, and for your own creative needs. Once you run out of stuff to write and post you look back and say you accomplished something impressive.

    That's all there is. By visit count you probably get a lot more than most music blogs, so cheer up!


  2. Amen
    Thanks for indulging my pipe dream with a gruff but fair summary of life on this interweb thing.
    Someone commented that two years is a lifetime in blog years but twelve years - fuck that's impressive.

  3. My favorite release by Billy Bragg is his Peel Sessions CD. I died when I first heard his cover of Jeane by The Smiths. He nailed the cover.

    Anyways, glad you're still posting away!

    -Chase Valentine

  4. Chase

    It seems odd that that CD fell out-of-print so early - it is one of his best, though I'd take the old Back to Basics comp as my Bragg favourite.

    Glad to have survived my woe-is-me phase (Morrissey would have understood).

  5. Dear Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head!

    Ha that's the spirit Jeff, the way I see things is if one person appreciates what I do then that's enough. Keep on keeping on.

  6. Y'know Morrrissey's sense of humour ("Some girls' mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers")was one of his saving graces.

    Yup, an audience is an audience, maybe all that ranting got something out of my system...

  7. Good to see you continuing to post Jeffen (and saving me a job in posting the Joe Jackson Harder They Come 7'')

  8. Thanks for the comment, Longy and glad to know I was ahead of you for once(won't happen again I promise).


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