Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Gaslight Anthem vs. Kelly Clarkson

The Gaslight Anthem may have copped a bundle of moves from New Jersey's favourite son but when the songs are so well-honed and the performance so fever-pitched all points of comparison become irrelevant. So, as a sideways career move, Fallon and co. have decided to cop a tune from former American Idol Kelly Clarkson (the one who's career is actually kinda intriguing). The song in question is, "I Do Not Hoo*up" as done live for the BBC Radio One.

The remainder of the session consists of a fawning but fun interview and a live version of the ever-incredible, "59 sound".

Click here for the Radio One Session*.

*These non-official tracks are available temporarily for educational and non-commercial purposes only and should be wiped from your computer within 48 hours. End message.

Thanks to bennythejet for providing the material.

P.S. This entire post is temporary.


  1. I liked the cover of Kelly Clarkson! Great post! Keep em coming!

  2. It was fun plus I'm failrysure they'll never record itforreal.

    P.S. I kinda like that Dead Weather song you posted and the video is enjoyably baffling


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