Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stiff Little Fingers: Radio 1 Sessions

Hey, I was asked to contribute a guest post to Jemsite, and I happily did so. Please follow this link, read the piece and then leave a comment. Thanks!

I raved about Stiff Little Fingers punk heyday here, now it's time to see where they went next, but in the unfiltered, unproduced form of these 1980-1982 BBC radio sessions - essential for all fans.

Download The Radio 1 Sessions CD


  1. i enjoyed your treatise on "why blog"? I must disagree with one point... you CAN play music. I took up the bass at a far later age than I should have. I still can't play for shit.. but I can rock. And it keeps me sane.
    And, if I CAN, so CAN YOU!

  2. I began drafting a response to your point in my head and it quickly grew too big for a comment. When I'm all done I'll post a the full reply (which will hopefully inspire a counter-post from you on your own rockin').

  3. I enjoyed reading your piece too on why blog. I guess I'm a frustrated musician deep down. I could play the drums (very badly) but my sister was the musician in our house. I was just as proud of her getting on vinyl as I would of been if it been myself I reckon. Your right about about the comments though. I've learn't so much more from the people who have visited than what I think I know myself (in my own little bubble)

  4. Longy

    Yeah I've detailed a few of my attempts to play instruments (the tenor sax being the low point)here and 'frustrated musician' is the right label. Maybe I only needed more practice just don't mention that possibility to anybody who endured my practicing such as it was.

  5. Awesome thought I had all SLF it was possible to get thanks for proving me wrong


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