Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Leftovers Are Still Good

The Leftovers have gone from re-heating Screeching Weasel's scraps to raiding Elvis Costello's hospitality rider. And the results are hella tasty.

Cheap puns aside, Portland, Maine's the Leftovers' entire new album, Eager to Please, is a knock-out. The songs burst with joyous hooks and non-stop energy; this is no longer music for the insular pop-punk scene, it's pitch-perfect power-pop even a fool could love. The album features a handful of songs that would be perfect summer singles if there was any justice in the world, or it was still 1979.

We here at MRML spend most of our time raving about old songs ("After all there are more old songs than new songs", says Bob Dylan) this is mostly due to out Prime Directive: Do no harm to the band's sales (hence only offering out-of-print items). However since the ultra-cool label Art of the Underground only printed 250 copies of this fun little record, with it's two zippy power-pop-punk tracks, it shouldn't harm anyone to make it available here.
That said, if you like what you hear, please buy some tasty, tasty Leftovers.

Download The Leftovers
Art of the Underground V. 21 7"


  1. great blog! please check out or maybe put it on your link:

    we have the same interest in music. thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. "Telephone Operator" is a totally killer song! I must take a closer look at these Leftovers...

  3. They do kill.

    I'm glad you've chosen what was surely your inevitable fate.

  4. Noisebox

    I linked, there's some good stuff over there.

  5. I don't like Elvis Costello or the Red Sox, but I'm impressed by this album. Sounds more like the Beat (Paul Collins).

  6. Good you liked.
    (It's "Telephone Operator" that has the real Costello feel, over the rest of the album lots of other old power-pop comes to mind too.)

  7. Yeah, and I think the trio has heard some Poison in their young lives.

  8. They do love the big hooks and songs about girls...


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