Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ruts: Rules

In 1994 the German record label Vince Lombardy Highschool Records released this collection of Ruts rarities. (More Ruts on MRML here.)

1 Last Exit
2 Rich Bitch (Demo Version)
3 Out Of Order
4 Lobotomy (Demo Version)
5 Stepping Bondage (Demo Version)
6 Criminal Mind (Demo Version)
7 Your Just A (Demo Version)
8 In A Rut (Demo Version)
9 Babylon's Burning (Demo Version)
10 Different View (Demo Version)
11 Dead Man's Dream
12 West One (Demo Version)
13 Jah War (Live Version Berlin)
14 Whatever We Do (Demo Version)
15 Love Blind Fools (Demo Version)
16 Whatever We Dub (Remix Version)
17 Give Youth A Chance (Demo Version)

If The Ruts aren't worth a comment, then what the HELL is?

Speaking of that crucial comments section, that is where you'll find the Rules link.

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Many thanks indeed, Jeffen, for this - I hadn't got the Ruts DC Peel session, so much appreciated! For your information, the CD doesn't include all of the Ruts' Peel sessions - those liking the Ruts' reggae grooves will want to get ska grandfather Laurel Aitken's Peel session, recorded with the Ruts as his backing band on 28th April 1980, two months after the Ruts' last Peel session (11/02/1980), and three months before Malcolm Owen's tragic death. Go get it here, thanks to the great mondo-de-muebles:


NB: the link is still valid despite the re-up request. Search the site and also http://skamanchackett.blogspot.com for much more Ruts. The fantastic kingrockerrockson blog has closed, but Marky's links are still alive - here's a rare one:

Ruts - Burning With Anxiety 79-80

Chorus TV, Paris, France. 13-01-80
01.Jah War
02.Babylon's Burning
03.You're Just A...
04.It Was Cold
05.In A Rut
08.Babylon's Burning
Paradiso, Amsterdam 07.12.1979
09.Jah War
10.Babylon's Burning

Posted by Marky Dread (Sparks)

Cheers, Dave Sez

(see my megaposts here: http://knowyourconjurer.blogspot.com/search/label/Dave%20Sez)


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  2. Brilliant post Jeffen, The Ruts were superb live and if it was'nt for Malcolm R.I.P.passing who knows,punk was invented for them thanx mate

  3. I've loved this when published,and it's still going strong(i tested it after reading your post)really better than that old Harry May tiny comp...

  4. Fantastic.
    Look forward to hearing these tracks.

    Love The Ruts

    Thanks for sharing

  5. the ruts truly were a fantastic band,something that i said was such a great song for releasing tension.And as someone else has said if malcolm hadnt died they would have been massive....ok ,kick him in the head,just called something that i said

  6. Some good stuff here-thanks,and cheers to Dave Sez as always - i'll grab this real soon..preoccupied somewhere else tonight!

    Anyone here ever hear of "The Fluffy Kittens"? Nothing to write home about,don't get me wrong,but I went to see them in Brighton,in the early 1990s, cos Paul Fox was their guitar player-really good-natured,enjoyable gig,with some trademark playing from the great man (and a fantastic "In a Rut" as an encore).Cheers again :)

  7. Hi,

    i´ve got some more rare stuff of the ruts/ruts dc to share. i just can´t find jeffens emailadress...
    and i could offer a single of the dirty strangers, a hardrock band paul fox was playing in.

    does anyone know if some more livevideos of the ruts exist? i only know those few youtube vids.

  8. sOunds exciting! Maybe you could upload to Megaupload or something and leave us a link in comments..although of course it would be much better as a separate post on the blog..what d'you think,jeffen?

  9. Hey everybody thanks for your sharp words about The Rutds

    P.S. Jimmy Jazz:


    Love to hear any rare Ruts-related stuff.


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