Thursday, March 3, 2011

V.A. On Another Planet (1991)

Black & Noir Records was a cool French punk/pop/garage/rock n' roll label from the late 80's and early 90's. While may of the band on the label were French, the label had many English bands from this era, such as Mega City Four (much more HERE) who contribute a blistering run-through of Hüsker Dü's "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely". While the band released a couple of live versions of this song, this is the only known location of a studio take.

Intro scratchée par Kid DJ Pharaon
Les Maniacs - All the kidz
Mad Monster - Party As stupid as
Les Vindicators - Help yourself
Mega City Four - Don't want to know If You Are Lonley
Casbah Club - Days of september
Hydrolic System - Magoumé #1
The Kid Pharaon - Merry Go Round Sweet love
Dirty Hands - God damn you
Parkinsons Square - Panel body
Shaking Dolls - Forget
Uptown Bones - Beautiful
Davy Jones Locker - No life

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  1. .

    A word for the man who digs up all this "crazy crap" just for YOU would be most appreciated!


  2. Another gem-- really enjoying this. BTW, the tags on the tracks are mislabeled. I have not problem fixing them but wanted to let you know before some other comment posted it in a less flattering way. This is slowly becoming my favorite new site. Keep the comps coming

  3. I remember this album so vividly I can hardly believe it's already 20 years old ! Thanks a lot for this post, it's great to listen to this album again.
    You may also enjoy these tracks from the same bands, same period.

  4. I wonder if it sounds futuristic...

  5. Rini
    That's true - but weird as the labels on the files are right but they show up wrong in the player.

    Cool link

    Anon II

  6. Les Vindicators !!!! de Chambéry city !!!!!
    It was amazing moments ! We had so much fun !!!
    Have a nice day

    1. Maybe we'll find some more Vindicators some day...

  7. can you please re-up the compilation? i need that Mega City 4 version really really bad!!!


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