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V.A. Teenage Treats Vol. 2 (1977-1980)

I was ready to cancel this series for the ridiculously low number of comments the first volume brought but then Bristol Boy from the award-winning (well, it should be award-winning for fuck's sake) blog My Life's A Jigsaw came through with some thoughtful words. So this post is for him!

Here's a new series (well, the late 1990's, technically), consisting of ten volumes that explore the seedy underbelly of the already seedy underbelly that was British punk rock in the late seventies and early eighties.

Highlights of this volume may (or may not - taste in seedy underbellies varies widely) include:

The Dole:

The Flys:

and The Strike (UK):

* Teenage Treats (Wasps, 1977, from 1.7")
* Language School (Tours, 1979, from 1.7")
* New Wave Love (Dole, 1978, from only 7")
* Paper Dolls (Screams, USA, 1979, from only 7")
* Big City Boys (Warm Jets, 1979, from 1.7"?)
* Total Control (Red Rage, 1980, from only 7")
* Nora's Diary (Jimmy Edwards & The Profile, 1979, from 1.7")
* Teenage Rebel (Strike, 1980, from only 7")
* Love & A Molotov Cocktail (Flys, 1977, from 1.7" [Bunch of Five EP])
* Gutter Kids (Dyaks, 1978, from only 7")
* Real People (Exile, 1977, from 2.7")
* Answers (Neon Hearts, 1978, from 2.7")

(P.S. includes a couple repeats from vol. 1, which had been a really tiny pressing)

Comments are what keep the rarities flowing...

Please don't neglect to communicate!!

Speaking of those rarity-fueling comments, that is the section where you will find the Teenage Treats # 2 link.

Two important notes:

#1 Many, many thanks to Roberto for sending us the fantastic scans of TT vol.'s 1-5!

#2 If Anyone has remotely decent scans of vol.'s 6-10 (front and/or back) please let us know in the comments!


  1. ;

    Your thoughts on the series, the songs or other related matters are always appreciated.


    Not just here but at other music blogs as well.


  2. Cheers, nice one.
    I've been looking for a decent rip of this one for months.
    Thanks for all your work !

  3. Not downloading because I have too much already and I'm trying to get rid of stuff and make compilations of just the good stuff and it's all good but jesus ten volumes? That means I'd have to clean out some stuff and really there's too much good stuff to get rid of any of it especially ten volumes but this looks so good but I can't I just can't.

    Anyway, I always read even if I don't download and you have great stuff too and isn't it nice when one of the hundreds of unwashed clods filing through here stops for a minute and says hi what you do is awesome keep up the good work.


  4. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

  5. Yeah; what Don said. Thanks for all you do, Jeffen!

  6. This is where I started, and despite many years exploring other musical paths, and being led down many dead ends, this is what I always come back to. Thanks a bunch for this, look forward to the rest

  7. Thank you for this, I'm a greying old man but this was my kind of music and still is, can't really find my peace in anything else, strange though, it was the most feared and loathed revolution and my parents nearly disowned me for joing and here I am some thirty years older listening to this to sooth my mind

  8. New Wave Love just kill me when first heard on that old Cherry Red Compilation many years ago,it's still a great song,a real passionate performance by the band,really great...cheers

  9. Thanks for this and all the other wonderful stuff you post. As Ghost1000 said this is/was my revolution and I still can't kick the habit.
    From this selection my favourite has to be The Flys - up there with The Moondogs & The Donkeys in my world.
    Thanks again.

  10. Hello jeffen, Thank you for continuing this series ! Kropotkin really summed up my experience as well. These bring back that feeling of experimentation and exploration I recall so fondly and was actively involved in myself in Seattle during the same time period late 70's early 80's. So I'm looking forward to other volumes. Thanks for the link to "My Life's a Jigsaw" too, I'm adding it to my RSS list of music blogs, witch you have been on now for the past three years at least. I for one greatly appreciate the insanely remarkable effort you put into MRML... Hope all is well in your world ! Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to DL Vol_2 can't wait to bundle them all on to one massive volume !!! C, Ya...

  11. Like Don(above), I'm trying to cut down on downloads, but with this series and especially NSDLD I can't resist.

    Maybe I'll buy a bigger disk instead. Or two.

  12. Many thanks jeffen!
    i see Teenage Treats vol 2&3, are on e-bay right now (£50)

  13. Excellent. Thanks so much. I have "New Wave Love" on the "Business Unusual" comp. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Cheers.

  14. As always, nothing much to say but "thanks" for the work you do in providing us with these obscurities.....punk and power pop seem to be the 2 genres in which there is a limitlkess supply of obscurities comps, maybe because listening to these discs is similar to glorious college radio back in those wonderful days of youth.....

  15. Thanks Jeff. I too,look forward to the rest of the series. Great stuff old bean :)

  16. Screams - classic Mid Western US Power Pop...

  17. Jeffen,

    I don't always comment, but I want you to know that I check your blog every day. Your seemingly endless supply of great music to post never ceases to surprise me. Thank you for sharing it.


  18. Excellent collection. There are many tunes here that I thought I would never hear again. I hope there are more volumes in this series. Thank you!

  19. Wow, great stuff. Keep it coming us old punks love it.

  20. Thanxx for this!!
    It's amazing how many good singles went out in those glory days...


  21. Wow
    An outpouring
    Thanks to you all.
    The in-box is too full for individual responses but on the upside the inspiration box has also been filled!

  22. Been looking for this forevah--thank you!


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