Friday, March 11, 2011

V.A. Here Comes the Summer: The Undertones Tribute

A 1996 North American punk/garage/indie/power-pop tribute to Ireland's best-ever pop band. The compilation was out together by now-defunct [?] label, Square Target Records. This album perfectly captures the best side of the CD bubble of the mid-nineties, when the cost of CD production fell to such dangerously low levels (there's an economics lesson here somewhere...) that almost any half-assed idea executed by a set of bands, great, good and mediocre, could turn a tidy profit.

As is so often the case with such things, the highlights are entirely in the ear of the listener. For this blogger's money (or lack thereof), the beauties here would be Cub, The Vacant Lot, The Queers and The Figgs. My disappointment would lie in the lack of the band's later material getting roughed-up (though The Shambles do a nice run-through of "It's Going To Happen") but just the fact that this set lays plain the Undertones influence on this underrated era is a damn fine thing.

Let us know when you think of the followers of the Undertones in the COMMENTS!

Speaking of the COMMENTS section, that's where you'll find the link for Live in Belfast, 1979.

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    Don't forget to leave us a thought on this covers collection.


  2. i've found these tribute albums almost always disappointing. but the fact that this one has the milkduds doing mars bars makes it wonderful. (dare i say candy-tastic?) thanks.

  3. Thanks for this - I've got this on vinyl as it was released on the Munster lable here in Europe with a lovely gatefold sleeve.

    Thanks for all the other undertones stuff too - they were the first band I ever saw back in 1980.

  4. Lovin all the Undertones posts..Thanks.

  5. I needed an upgrade on this album as mine had a couple of dodgy mp3's in it so cheers Jeff.

    Guess who I'm seeing next month?

    Yes The Undertones :)

  6. brink
    There's some 'sweet' items herein.

    That might've spoiled you for other bands!

    It was a fun week!

    Excellent - post a report for us on how the "new" version of the band is sounding.

  7. Like the tribute CD !!

    The new version of the band are excellent as ever and Paul McCloone is a great singer.

    I have had a the pleasure of seeing them 14 times in the last year. Definitely worth seeing live and doing 3 UK dates in July.

    As an aside, the support band who have been touring with them called Doyle and the Fourfathers are a great new band. Check them out.


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