Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Ruts ft. Henry Rollins (16/07/07)

What to make of Henry Rollins? Certainly Rollins' melding of geek and jock culture has made him one of the most durable celebrities produced by the hardcore era. But 'ole Hank can be pretty hard to nail down and as a result, sometimes I have difficulty hitting on the exact nature of his contribution to modern culture. Certainly, his writing, his public speaking and of course his front-manship (singing never seems to be the exact word for what the man does) have been deeply influential, if easily caricatured.

Now while my esteem for Rollins can wax and wane, when he's championing the music he loves, he always strikes me as utterly genuine. In the epic monologue below, Rollins not only praises the majesty of The Ruts he also give a blow-by-blow account of how he helped a version of the band play before the cruel passing of guitarist Paul Fox.

Part two here, part three here, part four here.

So here, MRML readers is an audio recording of the show (deluxe DVD available here), in which all concerned throw their fire right into.

R.I.P. Malcolm Owen

R.I.P. Paul Fox

What's your take on the works of Mr, Rollins, including his one Night in the Ruts? Please leave us a COMMENT!

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    This is a worthy cause for COMMENTING:


  2. Love the ruts.

    Went through a little Rollins phase in the 90's. Frankly, he's a little too intense and heavy-handed for my taste now. Though it's been a while since i've listened to him, so maybe things have changed... He has always struck me as honest and true to himself (both good things, obviously).

  3. I haven't been a fan of Mr. Garfield's work since Damaged. But, I met him and talked to him at length on two occasions (one for an extended interview) during the mid 80's and I think "genuine" is a great term. He was honest, gracious and extremely intelligent.

    He speaks from his heart, and, ya know what... I think he's a damn good person. And his musical taste is pretty spot on... even if his own execution of music I find not my bag.

    Hank gets the two thumbs up from yours truly.

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  5. He was the right mand for the job-- didn't sound like Owen, but I don't think he would have done that even if he was capabel.

  6. Also If I remember correclt Henry got a lot of shit for doing this when he did it. I would think it would be a honor to have someone ask you to front there band so one of the band members could help support his family after he is gone.

  7. CallPastorJerkfaceMarch 2, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Rollins or not I always loved Black Flag (all the way up to "Live 84'" in my case Nazz. Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment...or jazz-metal-hardcore hybrids...same difference). His solo stuff is kinda "meh" for me. A friend gave me "Hard Volume" back in the day and I liked it okay but it sure wasn't "Technocracy". As a spoken word/stand up comic dude he is awesome and I fully respect the man and his work. All the best Hank!

  8. A couple of years ago I went to a Henry Rollins spoken word show. His outro? The Ruts - Something I Said. As unpopular as it seems to see I really enjoy his later Rollins Band work. Come In And Burn is the only album I intensely dislike.

  9. Total Rollins fanatic here!

    His exuberance for bands like the Ruts and Thin Lizzy got me to re-examine my initial dislike of them and albums like the Damned's 'Music For Pleasure' and exposure to a whole lot more... like Trouble Funk, the Pink Fairies or Richard Berry.

  10. brink
    The Rollins Band sounded good in small doses but over an album I found it a bit hard to take.

    I pretty much agree with every sentiment therein (with my above comment factored in).


    Rollins seems to get shit for everything. I mean how can anyone say that a) he didn't earn this job and b) that is wasn't for a good cause?
    Rollins haters can be really irritating!

    "I fully respect the man and his work" - Amen.

    one day I will listen to some more Rollins (Loved "Low Self-Opinion" and "Liar" back in the 90's.)

    Glad to hear some unabashed love for The Man and of course his awesome taste in music.

  11. lifetime was a great album. when he appeared in a gap commercial, I stopped paying him any attention. He did have a jerry garcia wallet, which was "against the grain".

  12. Any way you will re-up this one? Sorry I don't comment more. You upload some great music.


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