Monday, March 28, 2011

V.A. Teenage Treats Vol. Three (1977-1979)

I was ready to cancel this series for the ridiculously low number of comments volume one brought but then came an avalanche for volume two, including stalwart word-leavers like Roberto, Revolutionary Bum, Woodworker, Longy , Big Scott 1962, and many more. This volume is dedicated to all of them!!

Here's a new series (well, the late 1990's, technically), consisting of ten volumes that explore the seedy underbelly of the already seedy underbelly that was British punk rock in the late seventies and early eighties.

Highlights of this volume may (or may not - taste in seedy underbellies varies widely) include:

* Sid Never Did It / Breaking Rocks On Riker's Island (Surgeons, 1979, only 7")
* School Girls In Bondage / Dregs of Humanity (Dregs, 1979, from only 7")
* Speed of the City (Intravein, 1978, from 1.7")
* Electrocute Your Cock (Vom, USA, 1978, from only 7")
* Ultimatum (Klips 88, 1979, from Voxhall Tracks compilation EP)
* Bugger Off (Blitzkrieg Bop, 1977, from 1.7")
* Murder (Friction, 1979, from Voxhall Tracks compilation EP)
* Fascist DJ (Exile, 1977, from 1.7")
* Money=Time (Paranoia, 1979, from Voxhall Tracks compilation EP)
* Apathy (Exits, 1978, from 2.7")

Comments are what keep the rarities flowing...

Please don't neglect to communicate!!

Speaking of those rarity-fueling comments, that is the section where you will find the Teenage Treats # 3 link.
Two important notes:

#1 Many, many thanks to Roberto for sending us the fantastic scans of TT vol.'s 1-5!

#2 If Anyone has even remotely decent scans of vol.'s 6-10 (front and/or back) please let us know in the comments!


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  2. CallPastorJerkfaceMarch 28, 2011 at 10:04 AM

    Interesting use of violin in place of lead guitar on that Exits track!

  3. Yeah,not really one of the best comps ever,but Electrocute Your Cock is a masterpiece of DUMB punk rock...

  4. Thank you once more young sir. I shall grab this one just as soon as I've finished copying off my mates Planet Of The Apes 14 DVD box set (yes I know I'm sad!)

    You are a star Jeff : )

  5. Thanks again. I know it's lots of work to rip and post vinyl!

  6. Hey Man,
    I really appreciate your site and the effort it takes you to post all this killer shit.
    I can't get enough of these old, obscure punk rockers from my youth that got by me the first time around.
    It is because of awesome bloggers like you that I know I will always have a steady income of rippin' "new" tracks to discover for however long I'm lucky enough to keep breathing.

  7. Keep Up The Great Work-These "Teenage Treats Are....Well "Spiffy!" (Actually A Lotta Fun Stuff!A Tip Of The Hat To You!

  8. Never had anything dedicated to me before, even a "seedy underbelly."

    Thanks, makes me feel special.

    That, and the good news about continuing the series. Hot damn!

  9. Cheers mate, unbelievable post as per usual.

    I'm really a damned "Head" and I wonder, do you have "The Rat and the Whale"?

    Rat Scabies and his wife (The whale obviously beeing his wife)?

    Cheers mate,


  10. Thanx for sharing.
    Love the Exits-Track with the violin.

  11. cheers...and as I said,nice to see some comps in series;this one isn't bad particulary if you're prefear more powerpop/mod far,for me the best volumes is nr.3 and nr.7,maybe nr.8,too...if you guys pick up the best songs from all ten volumes,you've got one excellent punk compilation...anyone could help with Messthetics serie?
    anyway,thanks for this and keep goin' man...

  12. "Electrocute Your Cock"! "Schoolgirls in Bondage"! for better or worse the 1970's were a unique time, and we can debate forever as to whether those of us who were really "there" are at an advantage or not. Thanks for these sets, if you post 10000 volumes of obscure punk I'd download em all just for the titles!

  13. great little series, thanks for posting them. i had a stack of flys tracks on cassette that were long ago lost or traded away, so it's good to hear them again. and that red rage 45 i used to own.

  14. Fuck me the Dregs, Steve Dreg a good friend of mine back in the day, last time I saw him was in Euston station, we had coffee and went our seperate ways, sad I don't know where he is now

    Mark, his brother lived round the corner from me and had boxes of the single under his bed as I recall, he also had loads of copies of a Raw Records compilation

    Needless to say I bought both, lost the compilation but still have the single. As I recall it had four tracks on, maybe I'm wrong, it's buried in my attic somewhere

    The brothers Dreg, happy days .... Thanks for the memories!

  15. What an amazing public service! Thx

    -- Snatzo


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