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The Adverts: The Wonders Don't Care (The Complete Radio Sessions)

In his sharp, if occasionally plodding, biography of Joe Strummer, Redemption Song , Chris Salecwicz reduces The Adverts to "a punk group who had a couple of hits". Such bloody nonsense (he slams the Ruts as, "reasonably successful Clash copyists") taints an otherwise well-written and meticulously researched piece of work. The Adverts and their leader, TV Smith, cannot be so glibly dismissed.

(Live clip features, "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", "Love Songs" and "Television's Over")

The Adverts 's two late seventies albums, the sorta accessible one and kinda difficult one, would be towering achievements enough. But over the course of his career, as band leader and as a solo artist, Smith has proven himself Strummer's finest peer. I mean if the Strummerian ideal is the fiery visionary spitting truth at power whilst rocking furiously then TV Smith has been what Strummer should've been in his later years.

Author, critic (and mega-fan) Dave Thompson argues that "Nobody would make music like The Adverts and nobody ever has. In terms of lyric, delivery, commitment and courage, they were, and they remain, the finest British group of the late 1970s". As proof, here's an out-of-print collection of their BBC recordings, which spans their brief existence.

1.One Chord Wonders 2.Bored Teenagers 3.Gary Gilmore´s Eyes 4.Newboys 5.Quickstep 6.We Who Wait 7.New Church 8.Safety In Numbers 9.Great British Mistake 10.Fate Of Criminals 11.Television´s Over 12.Love Songs 13.Back From The Dead 14.I Surrender 15.The Adverts 16.I Looked At The Sun 17.Cast Of Thousands 17.I Will Walk You Home

Tracks 1-5: Peel Session, first broadcast 29.4.77
Tracks 6-9: Peel Session, first broadcast 30.8.77
Tracks 10-14: Peel Session, first broadcast 11.9.78
Tracks 15-18: Peel Session, first broadcast 12.11.79

The Wonders Don't Care CD

(Link for missing track, "Bored Teenagers" can now be found in the comments)

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  1. Watching that clip, I'm reminded of why I used to think I could dance. It only required jumping up and down and throwing my arms about like a spastic.

    I'm not going to download this. I have a metric ton of music and I'm trying to make that pile smaller. But I agree with your description of the band and that opinion was reinforced by the video.

    I own the 1st album (essential) but had never heard the two songs in the video from the 2nd album. they sound very good.

    I also have lust in my heart for Gaye Advert.

  2. @Don: You are not the only one with lust in your heart for Gaye Advert!

  3. Many many thanks..but missing track 2 :( Can you please reup?

  4. Nazz/Don/Bio
    Gaye was the punk pin-up girl.


  5. CallPastorJerkfaceMarch 13, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    Long live TV Smith!

  6. Thank you so much for quick reply ...great blog, loving the BBC sessions and Undertones stuff.

  7. CPB
    Vive le TV

    Glad you're enjoying it all.

  8. top post mate,thanks very much indeed

  9. Just watched the BBC documentary and decided it's time I listened to more than just "Crossing the Red Sea", and let's face it, there's no place better to start than Peel sessions. Would be great if you could re-up this one.


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