Sunday, March 27, 2011

V.A. Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twenty-Eight

This thirty-THREE (!) volume series features artists covering Bob Dylan songs. All of the tracks are recordings of independent origin (ROIO) and hence officially unreleased.

Once again this series cuts a wide swath, covering aughts alt country (Calexico, Lambchop), vets of the punk era (Billy Bragg, Robyn Hithcock), sixties survivors (Chris Hillman, Gene Clark - separately), British folk-rock (Ashley Hutchings, June Tabor and The Oyster Band), singer/songwriter types (Eliza Gilkyson, Nanci Griffith) and artists who exist beyond critical categories like the sadly-departed Ted Hawkins.

01 Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine - Mudcrutch (May 1, 2008, The Troubador, Los Angeles, CA)
02 Love Minus Zero - Eliza Gilkyson (Oct 4, 2008, The Met, Bury, UK)
03 You're a Big Girl Now - Lambchop (Oct 23, 2008, Loewensaal, Nuremberg, Germany)
04 Too Much of Nothing - Robyn Hitchcock (Feb 19, 2000, Largo, Los Angeles, CA)
05 Billy - Calexico (July 12, 2007, Zeltival Am Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany)
06 This Wheel's On Fire - June Tabor and the Oyster Band (Feb 1991, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN)
07 When I Paint My Masterpiece - Hayes Carll (fEB 3, 2007, The Continental Club, Austin, TX)
08 Forever Young - Chris Robinson & The Wooden Family(May 20th 2007, The Lawn @ Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, CA)
09 Highway 61 Revisited - Mason Ruffner (Jun 28, 1995, Chesterfield Cafe, Paris, France)
10 Mr. Tambourine Man - Chris Hillman with Herb Pederson & Bill Bryson, Jul 26, 2008, Simsbury Meadows, Simsbury, CT)
11 Gates of Eden - Gene Clark (Apr 4, 1985, Dingwall's, London, UK)
12 All Along the Watchtower - Mike McCready (Aug 27, 2008, Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA)
13 She Belongs To Me - I See Hawks in L.A. (Sep 21, 2008, The Echo, Los Angeles, CA)
14 Angelina - Ashley Hutchings (May 20, 1988, Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, England)
15 Boots of Spanish Leather - Nanci Griffith (Oct 23, 1992, Symphony Hall, Boston, MA)
16 Blowin' in the Wind - Ted Hawkins (Jun 13, 1987, Manchester International, Manchester, England)
17 The Lonesome Death of Ruth Corrie - Billy Bragg (Mar 26, 2006, The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA)

If you'd like the series to continue - - - please don't forget to leave a comment behind!

Speaking of comments, the Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twenty-Eight link is in there.

Thanks to Jeffs98119 for compiling these and to stewART for the images.
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    Comments, Dylan fans, are most enthusiastically welcome!


  2. I absolutely adore this series.

    I don't like all of the tracks equally & doubt if anybody does, but they are all worth listening.

  3. Thanks for this new post!

    I like the series because you can discover some real diamonds in the rough.

    It also has introduced me to some great musicians and singers that I may not have listened to otherwise.

    Please keep them coming!

  4. This series is invaluable. The only problem is finding time to download them all, especially if you came late to the party. So kudos to those maintaining the data base and to trhe prime mover who initiated and drives this bus. I have to say I approve wholeheartedly. When I started collecting seriously in the late sixties, collecting Dylan covers was one of the things I focused on (certain labels, producers, etc others) so I understand the obsession.

  5. So giddy over the Teenage Treats post I almost missed this. Or maybe it's my new glasses (they make me feel taller, for some reason.)

    In any event, we're on the home stretch and you've done yourself proud.

  6. Thanks, can't wait to hear.

  7. Im really looking forward to listening to the many artists.For Dylan fans this is a rea treasure trove.

  8. Hey folks

    Thanks for all the encouraging words (as pretty much all comments count as just that) and for having sharp observations about the series as a whole

  9. This series begs for a long, solo car trip.

  10. Gates Of Eden by Gene Clark? Wow!!


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