Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Mighty Day

I talked to a friend here at home last night and his thoughts were all about his aunt in Long Island, NY and the fact that he could not reach her because all the phone lines were jammed. Then I awoke to see the pictures of the raging waters of Hurricane Sandy wreaking havoc. So, rather than talk music or politics today, I thought to wish for the speedy arrival of help for those affected all along the coast and for good words to come soon to those around the world waiting for news of their loved ones.

The title of our post comes from the stirring old folk song, "A Mighty Day" which details the 1900 Galveston hurricane.


  1. all the best to the people !

    greetings from germany herr pauli

  2. second that, i have family in NY and NJ and hoping them and everyone else gets through the frankenstorm safe

  3. Will this catastrophe finally wake up America?


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