Saturday, October 27, 2012

Street Dogs: G.O.P. (2012)

When I highlighted this single a few weeks ago I just said, "Boston's The Street Dogs re-purpose Menace's classic, 'G.L.C.' to attack the class-warriors of the GOP". Since then I've got to hear the whole single (a pounding live version of "Not Without a Purpose takes up the B-side). I also got to read about how The Street Dogs, led by original Dropkick Murphys lead singer Mike McColgan, and their label Pirate Press have been distributing this as free flexi-disc in the swing states and have been documenting their efforts at

While the band have made a point of stating that their motivation here is more anti-G.O.P. then pro-Democrat, the message that the reactionary right's crazies must be must be resisted fiercely is clear as hell. It's also great to see how united Massachusetts is in wanting to make sure that their countrymen don't repeat their error of electing Mitt Romney under the false pretenses of moderation.



  1. Juvenile claptrap from Clash (a band that didn't matter at all) wanna-bees. It sounds like a desperate attempt to be "relevant".

  2. Just because the truth hurts doesn't mean you can't sing along.

    1. How did I know Rev would be one of the first to comment? Good tune, jeffen.

    2. And the first one to not read OR listen the actual post.

      Glad you dug this troop-rallier!

  3. i like the street dogs and dropkick murphys and i like this, boston has a beating punk rock heart


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