Saturday, October 13, 2012

Die Toten Hosen: Rock Me Amadeus (2012)

German punk-stars, Die Toten Hosen (more HERE) - and massive TV Smith fans (see HERE) - recently unleashed a new album called Ballast Der Republik. The album has all the expected massed guitars and soaring choruses that make you want to shout-along to whatever the fuck they're saying.

As the bonus disk, the band recorded a set of amped-up covers of influential German artists. I'll confess to my own ignorance and say I only recognize Kraftwerk's "The Model" and eighties synth-pop staple, "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco:

Let us know what you make of DTH giving Amadeus a roughing up in the COMMENTS section.

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  1. I...I...I was not expecting to like "Rock Me Amadeus"...I liked "Rock Me Amadeus".


    1. You should check out some Die Toten Hosen not only are they a great band but you'd probably understand a lot more of their lyrics then I do!

  2. its a good album too, something of a return to form from them as they were getting lazy, releasing best of albums that roughly translate as the best of the fat and lazy years somehow compunded this

    1. Since I only hear about the band in bits and pieces, it's good to get the blanks filled in (I didn't even know they'd lost their form!)

  3. is time for a comment from germany

    i must confess "die toten hosen" are not really my band. in germany you like DTH or "DIE ÄRZTE"
    it is a question of band are the ärzte.
    ALLRIGHT GERMAN MUSIC: a long story. we have great bands in the end 60ths -time of "KRAUTROCK" CAN was one of greatest band.we have really good songwriter (sorry all sing in german) and the rap/hip hop scene is big. some nice punk bands:"Goldenen Zitronen" or "Neu" in my opinion "FEHLFARBEN" is the best german band. startet in the 80th`s and still alive.
    my problem is: my ears are trained in brit and us bands...and most german bands are lausy copy`s.
    end of the essay ;-)
    i`m still in love of your blog
    your`s Herr Pauli

    1. Well I already made one post based on your comment, I think some more German-punk posts are in order.

      Goldenen Zitronen and FEHLFARBEN were both interesting from what I watched on YouTube. When you mention Neu, is that the "KRAUTROCK" band?

  4. I lked it a whole lot more than the original, whose guts I hated.

    1. Yeah this kicks the snot out of the original, which I have no great hatred or love for.

  5. Die Toten Hosen is a very good band, best than other shits like One Direction and other shits for teens.

  6. Another comment from Germany.

    I love DTH. They got great songs and really much songs have a story to tell. (Sorry for my bad english. I try my best.) But Rock me Amadeus a cover of the great Person FALCO is is one step too much.
    FALCO is like god. FALCO was an excentric person with a great and very special voice. Nobody was able too cover his songs.

    But I love the cover of "Schrei nach Liebe" from Die Ärzte.

  7. I have to say I don't know much about Falco - but I hope the band have only honoured him by re-presenting his song to a new generation (or two!)


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