Sunday, October 7, 2012

TV Smith: We Want the Road (1994)

At the height of his obscurity, TV Smith (more HERE), formerly of The Adverts (more HERE) broke up his loud rock n' roll band Cheap (more HERE). Then, going on the advice of his old friend Attila the Stockbroker, Smith struck out as an angry folkie on 1992's, March of the Giants. By cutting off the electricity and turning up the finger-pointing, he did an anti-Dylan, which is fitting since TV is no man's disciple. While his taking up acoustic arms didn't turn him into a generational icon, it certainly re-launched his career.

The next album in his solo oeuvre, 1994's Immortal Rich was championed by The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid (TV's 2nd greatest fan) and released in the U.S. on Henry Rollins' (his 3rd biggest fan) label but did not match the relatively high profile of March of the Giants. Despite the lack of smashing commercials success, the album helped establish TV's sustainable practice of recording with a varying cast but touring solo. The album's first single was the somber-but-restless, "We Want the Road, which might make some of our younger readers (Do we have those?) think that TV is Frank Tuner's dad.

Track Listing

1 We Want The Road 3:49
2 Walk The Plank 3:34
3 Eurodisneyland Tomorrow 3:09

MRML Readers give us your take on this TV solo item and tell us if you want to hear more!

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Update: Don't miss the cool 2006 live show from TV posted over at Aural Sculptures!


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