Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TV Smith's Cheap: Third Term 7" (1989)

In the late eighties, despite mass indifference, TV Smith (more here), formerly of The Adverts (more HERE), fought on with a bracing electric band he dubbed, Cheap, which featured Mik Helsin on guitar, Andy Bennie on bass and Fuzz Deniz on drums. TV says, “Summer, 1986. Time to form a new band. After The Adverts and the Explorers had both broken up in disarray I´d thought I wouldn´t fall for it again, but hmmm, there was that familiar itch. This time though, it would be JUST FOR FUN. A bunch of mates traveling around the country in a couple of estate cars, all the equipment piled in the back; mobile, compact, above all CHEAP.” TV's razor-sharp writing remains full of treasonous sing-alongs like the anti-Thatcherite anthem, "Third Term", which burns like a fuel factory fire.

The other side of this 1989 single, their sole album, R.I.P. Everything Must Go, only came out after they broke-up, may even best the A-side. "Buried by the Machine" is a song that you can imagine being in a room full of sweaty punters roaring along to, only partly realizing how that ringing melody brings you face-to-interface with your own dehumanization.

MRML Readers give us your take on TV's Cheap-ness and tell us if you want to hear more!

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  1. Give us you take on Cheap, right here!

  2. Jeffen

    More Tim Smith is always good.I will be pulling out the Cheap album later today.Cheers.


    1. Yeah that Cheap album is due for a re-issue with bonus tracks!

  3. Thanks for this. This series gets better and better.
    Doug I listened to the album yesterday - great stuff, no bad tracks and several great ones - Silicon Valley, My String, Newshound and Lord's Prayer being particular favourites. Jeffen is right though - Buried by the Machine is the jewel in the crown. Peel session versions are even better if memory serves me right.
    Only regret is I never saw them play live.

    Thanks again - Ivan

    1. The Peel Sessions version are in fact ass-kicking as today's post shows!

  4. of just keep this coming, discovering some gems from tv smith that i haven't heard, only slightly annoyed buried is the same version that appeared on the album, great tune

    1. Yeah I think the band's recording budget didn't allow for a lot of multiple-takes.


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