Monday, October 29, 2012

The Fastbacks: Live at the Crocodile Cafe (1996)

Well as we're in the midst of a good series on Seattle's Lords of pop/punk/rock, The Fastbacks (more HERE), it's time to ask you for YOUR favourite Fastbacks albums. Personally, I'd argue that ...And His Orchestra owns the first slot, followed closely by Very Powerful Motor and Answer the Phone, Dummy. After that there would be a few competitors (including a couple of compilations and their last album, Day That Didn't Exist) vying for fourth place.

A1 Out Of The Charts         0:55
A2 Run No More             1:53    
A3 Hung On A Bad Peg         1:41    
A4 The Light`s On You         4:03    
A5 On The Wall             3:46    
A6 Went For A Swim         1:44    
A7 Old Adress Of The Unknown     3:08    
B1 Under The Old Lightbulb     1:34    
B2 I´m Cold             1:30    
B3 In The Observatory         3:44    
B4 On Your Hands         2:22    
B5 They Don´t Care         2:18    
B6 Save Room For Me         2:56    
B7 Rat Race             1:56    

Produced for the "I would like to da that" brothers.

Recorded live with the Crystal Park Mobile Studio.

All songs recorded live, June 26, 1995 at the Crocodile Café, Seattle, Wa, except for one line in "In The Observatory" that Kim forgot.

Issued in 10" gatefold sleeve.

So, what's your favourite Fastbacks album? Let us know in the COMMENTS section!

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  1. Don't feed the trolls - it only encourages them'
    goes the old saying.
    That should be amended to add -'but do feed the blogger for the same reason!'

  2. My favourite it's answer the phone dummy.
    The played in spain that year. Great Show.

  3. I cant keep up! :D

    I havent had time to really listen through the previous fastbacks post!


  4. Ivan, Håkan and Anon.
    You're the only three people (out of the SEVENTY! who downloaded this) to leave a COMMENT.
    Thank you.


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