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Jah Wobble: Live in Europe (1981-1983)

(Thanks to Dave Sez for the following)


Jah Wobble - Live in Europe (1981-1983)

And, in thanks for ya general kindness, a punk-funk-dub post of (former P.I.L. bassist) Jah Wobble compiled from two extremely rare recordings from the Dave Sez archives:

1981 - Jah Wobble's Human Condition - Live in Europe (where?). 1981 cassette-only release, digitalized thanks to pheragan and mutant-sounds
Line up: Jah Wobble – vocals & bass; Dave (Animal) Maltby – guitar; Jim Walker - sax
01 Waves
02 The End
03 The Human Condition
04 Soundcheck
05 [Bad quality, omitted]

1982.11.21 - Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Vera, Groningen, Netherlands, Dutch radio show recorded thanks to
Line up: Jah Wobble – vocals & bass; Dave (Animal) Maltby – guitar; Annie Whitehead – trombone, Ollie Marland – keyboards, Cliff Venner – drums, Neville Murray – percussion
06 Introduction (1982) [0:12]
07 Hollywood 1 (1982) [7:00]
08 Jam 2 (1982) [7:41]
09 Jam 3 (1982) [8:24]
10 Jam 4 (1982) [6:17]
11 Fading (1982) [4:03]
12 Hollywood 2 (1982) [9:08]

1983.09.03 Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Pandora's Music Box Festival, de Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Dutch radio show recorded thanks to
Line up: Jah Wobble – vocals & bass; Dave (Animal) Maltby – guitar; Annie Whitehead – trombone, Ollie Marland – keyboards, Lee Partis – drums, Neville Murray – percussion
13 Invaders (1983) [5:15]
14 Hollywood 2 (1983) [5:49]
15 Snake Charmer (1983) [4:40]
16 Brasil (1983) 4:51]
Bonus: How Much Are They from the live double cd viva!eight, recorded at the Town & Country Club, London on September 6th 1992.
17 How Much Are They (1992) [8:10]

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Update: the ever-awesome Cherry Red Records is unleashing a new collaboration between Mr. Wobble and fellow ex-P.I.L'er Keith Levene called Yin and Yang.


  1. Dave Sez,

  2. Are you reading my mind again? I've listened to virtually nothing else but Jah Wobble for the past week or so (inspired by the Wobble-less new PiL album which I listened to all the previous week, and am absolutely loving by the way). I'm not sure if there's anything here I haven't heard but I'm downloading anyway. Cheers, Jeff.

  3. Jah! Nice one! Ill be enjoying this for sure.

    I do think you post too often, though. I dont have time to listen to it all! Play through it, sure! but not really listen to new stuff.
    On the other hand it's a sweet "problem" to have. :D

  4. first of all : hello dave-my good old freund !
    i got that stuff and please people hear jah wobble. he is really one of the best musicians of all time.
    thanx jeffen and all the best

    herr pauli

  5. Other than listening to PIL, I have only ever read about Jah Wobble in books... thanks for expanding my musical education!

  6. Thanks very much for this valuable post. I also have the 1981 cassette but it has jammed so this is very welcome. It is simply titled Live In Europe and gives no other details other than the band lineup and track titles. Human Condition also released another cassette recorded in London in September 1981. Jim Walker was the drummer.

  7. Have not Wobbled in a really long time. Great find!

  8. Wobblies!
    thanks for yer good words!

  9. This is a shameless plug for Wobble's NEW album with Keith Levene, Yin & Yang. Not gonna pretend I'm some punter. I've helped on the album and it's out in November on Cherry Red. We want people to buy it. Failing that, hopefully they'll care enough to listen to it. The Facebook page has some tracks to hear. My favourite is 'Jags & Staffs', which is nearly ten minutes long...

  10. Hey, I put your plug right in the main section!
    This blog exists to celebrate and promote the work of under-appreciated artist like Mssrs. Wobble and Levene and we are glad to help promote their work in any way we can.

    Please feel free to share this post with Mr. Wobble to determine if he has any objections to us posting commercially unavailable live material.

  11. Wobble is great. Can't get enough of him. The new Wobble-Levine album wil be well worth getting-- they were the music behind PIL. Thanks for the download.

  12. Grand you're all enjoying this, for me the best dub-funk I've ever heard. And if the great wiel's Dutch recordings weren't enough, circle kindly offers us this 1985 gig, same line-up as in 1983:

    What a lovely New Year's present, thanks circle!

    And for Piblokto, the two Wobble cassette releases (Human Condition Live in Europe, Human Condition Live at the Collegiate Theatre 1981) are both here, with many thanks to mutant-sounds:

    Phenagen (whose name I mangled, apologies) offers us an alternative download for the Collegiate Theatre here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  13. Another source for the two 1981 cassettes and a useful ZigZag article on the Human Condition, thanks to

    and a very recent Wobble gig, thanks to

    Cheers, Dave Sez.


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