Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fastbacks: Bike, Toy, Gift, Clock (1990)

(A re-imagined re-up for Brushback!)

Almost twenty years ago, August 19th 1991, I saw The Fastbacks hand Fugazi their ass.

The Fastbacks showed the lords of Dischord, who, in all fairness did spend the night in riot control mode, how fresh, alive and thrilling a long-standing punk band could sound. There, in the stultifying confines of a North Vancouver rec center, they outshone the headliners (who'd earned their legend as a locomotive live act with sweat, blood and phlegm) by reeling off one unheard hit after another. After that, I tried to cram their entire history (12"'s, 7"'s, CD re-issues etc.) into one, rainy fall and winter. Never regretted a note of it.

Just to get you started here's the FBX (Kurt Bloch, Kim Warnick, Lulu Gargiulo* plus a drummer, any drummer***) playing live. This show from 1988, lays out the twin-female-vocal pop onslaught backed by BIG ROCK guitars sound ("The Runaways join Cheap Trick and cover Buzzcocks songs" kinda approximates it) that the band would perfect over the next twenty years while ignoring the fashions of each day.

1     Only At Night         2:15    
2     What Wll They All Say?  2:36    
3     Don't Cry For Me     3:28    
4     In The Winter         3:23    
5     I Need Some Help     2:59    
6     Better Than Before     3:21    
7     Always Tomorrow     4:23    
8     Brighton Rock        4:00    
9     Lose     3:03    
10     In America         4:22    
11     Yesterday At Midnight     4:48    
12     Roll Away The Stone    2:47    
13     Swallow My Pride    2:10    
14     Love You More        1:22    
15     Wrong, Wrong, Wrong     3:11    
16     Trouble Sleeping     0:29    

Songs 1 to 10 were recorded 15, August 1988 at Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater.
Songs 11 to 16 were quite recorded 21, September 1988 at Club Vogue. 

Speaking of comments, give us you take on the Fastbacks and let us know if you wanna hear more because there is a LOT of out-of-print material floating around!!

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* Lulu Gargiulo was on hiatus during this period.

** Yes, at one point it was future G N' R man, Duff McKegan


  1. HEY!

  2. almost 15 years ago i saw the fastbacks hand the new bomb turks their ass.

    Such a great band!

    1. yeah it's amazing how they could hand really great bands their asses!

  3. seriously 34 years 'n' i'm still flabbergasted at th' sight o' fastbacks doin' a back to back 8 set gig up in ol' lac la biche, alta.!!!! after each consecutive set, lovingly handin' ass to themselves!!?? totally stupefyin'!!!!

  4. "The Runaways join Cheap Trick and cover Buzzcocks songs" kinda approximates it"

    You sure know how to pique my interest... :D

  5. Saw the Fastbacks play again almost one year ago, on 10/29/2011, at Bottom of the Hill in SF for Superfan's birthday. AMAZING show, like they never stopped. One of the best of all times.

  6. Replies
    1. thanks to all of you, it shall be done!

  7. Thanks for posting this, FBX rock! Tangent: I had that Fugazi gig poster on my wall for years (in Victoria).

    1. Yeah I used to have three or four of them but they all went missing over time...(damn exes!)

  8. Incredible band, much gratitude for your words and sounds.



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